// Things I Love Thursday v.196

this is so true! ♥
these gorgeous sunsets ♥
this hilarious graphic ♥
this gorgeous photo ♥
♥ this is proof that Bob's Burgers is everything!
this reminds me of sand art from when i was little ♥
these incredible graphite drawings (!!!) ♥
this is a dreamy space ♥
this adorable chinchilla ♥
these earrings by pony people ♥

// The new school year is here and this might be helpful for some of you! Top Tips for New Teachers. Anyone else a teacher? Have anything you'd like to add?

// I found this VW Bus bed on The Hunt and I'm a little bit obsessed. How cool is that?! Too bad it's not for sale... Wah! // This Chanel lipstick USB is so neat! // This "My relationship status? Netflix, oreos and sweatpants" sweatshirt is so funny.

// Spruce up your wardrobe for the upcoming season by ordering a Stitch Fix box of your own!

// 34 panoramic photos gone terrifyingly wrong. Oh my gosh this is the best post ever!

// Here are some sneak peeks at Joelle's new apartment! It looks so cozy and romantic!

What are you loving this week?


  1. Love this week's picks! The panorama photos gone wrong is crazy! Also loved all the dresses you chose and I WISH that library tote was available for my sister! Also think the dress would look gorgeous on you!

  2. How cute is that chinchilla!

    Emma x

  3. that little reading nook is so awesome! and bob's burgers is just the best,
    xo, cheyenne

  4. Love this post, as always!! I'm enamored by the talent of folks that can draw like in those portraits - holy crow! And the feet sticking up on that chinchilla... ooooooooh, the cuteness! Thank you for sharing - your mix of picks never disappoints. :)

    Love and light,

  5. oh gosh, you outdid yourself this week! i'm in LOVE with those sunset pics, that pug graphic, the rhino, sheesh. and arrested development?!! YES.

  6. Eeeeeeeeeeee Arrested Development coming back eeeeeeeeee

  7. I laughed forever at those panoramic photos. Bob's Burgers is the best. Tina is my spirit animal.

  8. Needed cheering up today and this post did it!
    Pony people creates the cutest pins!

    Take care Mama x

  9. Those bottles are so cool! And oh my gosh, that dreamy nook - I want something like that so badly!

  10. I'm in love with these pictures!! I love the dreamy sand bottles, they really do remind me of the sand art that was oh so popular back in the day. And Bob's Burgers omg Bob's Burgers. Its pretty much one of the best shows ever. Thanks for sharing!


  11. Kaelah, I wrote a letter a months ago. I know you've been REALLY busy so I'm not waiting for a reply yet, but could you confirm if you have receive it? Just to be sure the letter arrived! From Madrid, Spain.

    1. Hey girl! No, I'm sorry! No letter from Spain! I looked through all of my recent penpal mail just to make sure (I'm like ~6 weeks behind on responding, yikes!) but there's nothing here! Did you send it to my po box? Xx

  12. Your Thursday posts always make me feel so happy!


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