// Things I Love Thursday v.164

this is hands down the best post on the internet. go look at all of them! ♥
this celtic zodiac tree is so interesting! (read the explanations!) i'm an Alder. ♥
these cookies are darling! ♥
this photo is beautiful ♥
this is funnier than it should be. ♥
this is one of my favorite Paul Rudd character quotes ♥

these vases! ♥
these penguin macarons! ♥

// Man's hand was grafted to his foot during an emergency survival procedure! This is why I love science! A Chinese girl also grew a new face on her chest after suffering from severe burns!

// 20 real hilarious and clever notes from children. #1 is now my phone wallpaper! haha!

// Walmart called: Your Christmas photos are in. This is too good!

// I LOVE reading about other people's goals!

// My kid's insane Christmas wish list, annotated.

// 28 most iconic feminist moments in 2013. I love this post so much!

// This 1960's wool cape might be the most beautiful thing to ever exist.

// First world problems read by third world kids. If you haven't seen this video, please watch it.

// The Bob's Burger Experiment. Yep, someone creates actual recipes based off Bob's Burger Of The Day!

// 15 things I'm thinking when you don't text back.

// The BeauCoo app just got a facelift, and I'm talking major! It looks SO good and is SO easy to use. You can even shop the BeauCoo Shop straight from your phone! But even better?! You can now upload BeauCoo posts via your browser! No more fiddling with your phone unless you want to!

// 10 DIY holiday gift ideas for kids!

// Wishlist Wears: this dress is #1 on my list of wants right now // and this dress is #2 (how perfect would it be for a picnic?! or with tights + brown loafers?) // this novelty print dress // these shoes are solid gold sequins!!!! // this rose colored bag is so dreamy // this bedskirt is beautiful // this turquoise ombre bed set!

// Unpopular opinion: I'm wracked with guilt over everything I've ever done to my pets, including getting them spayed.

// What's the most embarrassing thing on your smart phone?

Happy Thursday! What are you loving this week?


  1. I read the one about feeling guilty about things we do to our pets, and I have to say while I often feel some pet owner guilt, I never feel guilty about spaying/neutering! They do have research that shows it leads to longer lives for cats, and...

    9 out of 10 cats in shelters are euthanized. Seriously. So sad. So fixing pets may seem inhumane, but is it more inhumane than being born to die? Just my two cents.

    I LOVE THE PENGUIN MACARONS but I'd be all nervous to eat them because they're so cute.

  2. My heart is exploding all over the place with this post! Thanks for once again getting my Thursday off to an awesome start!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. I think the weather outside quote is from forgetting sarah marshall ;) but honestly those movies are so interchangeable. I only just watches saving sarah marshall again recently which is why i picked up on it. Love all those movies!

    1. HA! Oh my gosh you are so right! Where was my brain?! Mike and I say it to each other all the time - guess I got my Paul Rudd characters mixed up (WHAT?!) heh!

  4. That cat gif has had me laughing for a good ten minutes now!

  5. Your Things I Love Thursday posts are ALWAYS the best. I look forward to them every week. Best round-ups on the internets :)

  6. Gah you always have the best favorites lists. The celtic tree zodiac is SO interesting! The reed one starts right on my birthday! And bahaha that cat is the best!

    xox Sammi

  7. Oh, the weather outside is weather. You need to make this into a sign!

  8. So glad I found your blog. I absolutely adore your style!!

  9. I'm pretty stoked on the new feel of BeauCoo! I'm also very happy they changed their tag line, it's much better now!


  10. Awww those animal pals are soooo adorable! I had seen the Hippo and Tortoise, but not the others. The look on that Chimpanzee's face just makes me so happy! Cute!!!

  11. I'm an Alder too, and a lot of it rings true. I nearly peed my pants reading those kids' notes.

  12. Awww.. Love the hippo and turtle photos and those kids are brilliant.Love your Thursday post as always.

  13. Love this weeks "things i love thursday" post! My sign is Holly! That GIF of the cat is so darn cute and funny!


  14. ohmygosh, that animal friendship post! so cute!
    xo, cheyenne


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