// Things I Love Thursday v.162

this gorgeous moth! ♥
these amazing high-speed photos of paint splashes! INSANE! ♥
these gorgeous bee embroideries ♥
♥ i love this collage ♥
♥ did you know birds engage in play? silly ravens! ♥
this precious pup! ♥
♥ this socrates quote ♥
this series of perforated photographs on an aluminum lightbox! ♥
this is the best halloween costume EVER! ♥
♥ this party animal ♥

♥ animals are amazing! ♥

// Drop by this post and tell us your favorite pair of shoes on the ShoeDazzle site and you could win them (and more)!

// 10 things not to say to your kids. I'm trying to break the habit of saying "Good job!" and give a more descriptive praise. What do you think about this article?

// Veronica shares 10 ideas for wedding favors! Love this post.

// 19 mind-blowing facts every iphone and ipad user should know. Some were already well known, but some of the others actually surprised me a bit! Like the airplane mode + charging!

// Jen has some amazing things in her shop right now... not limited to this adorable dog sweater, and this ultra-bright japanese cardigan!

// Have you checked out what they've stocked the BeauCoo Shop with?! It's overflowing with awesomeness! I'll take every single dress, plz!

// DIY Death: Natural, At Home Funerals and Their Boomer Appeal. I spent a lot of time reading this and discussing it with Mike. I find it totally fascinating, and honestly pretty genius. This article raised a lot of interesting points about our society's relationship with death and I have to say... I'm all for this movement! How about you?

// Carrie Anne's blog has quickly shot it's way up to the top of my daily reads and overall favorites when it comes to blogs, and I would never have found her if she hadn't chosen to sponsor LCH (Thank you CA!). She's so genuine and sweet, and I love that she doesn't sugarcoat everything on her blog. She's just real and super chill. I'd probably just link every post she's done recently but seriously, go check her out! Especially her maternity style series! She's so cute!

// This is why poor people's decisions make perfect sense. What an honest and raw read. (So much good has come out of this post for the author! I highly suggest following up on the story!)

// Today I'm planning on finally ordering some StickyGrams for this year's photo clients! (Spoiler alert!) I've put it off for so long and now the deadline is just a week away! AHH! Get in your last minute orders because these make the best Christmas presents!

// 31 things no one tells you about becoming a parent. Hilarious and totally accurate! #29 is our life EXACTLY!

// Don't forget! You've still got just a couple of days to enter to win a all-expenses paid trip for you and your 3 best friends to celebrate New Years in New York City! All you have to do is upload a photo to the gallery (it can even be private!) I hope one of y'all wins (and takes me! haha just kidding... sort of)

Happy Thursday, friends!

PS; If you're in/around Nashville, don't forget to come see us and Honeybean this Saturday at Porter Flea! We'll be set up from 10am til 6pm and we've got so many goodies for your Christmas list!


  1. dude. i love your things i ♥ Thursday posts. epic plant life paint splash art - great find! & I wish I could still go trick or treating {& that it was still Halloween} so I could dress as a slug.... oh well, I guess i'll have to wait til I can live vicariously through offspring. ha :)

  2. the ravens here rolls down roofs and catch themselves when they get to the end and fly back up! Snow must make them all frisky!

  3. Such a good list! I didn't need another reason to love crows, but seeing them play in the snow made my heart explode. So awesome! Also those cat pictures are the sweetest things in the world.

    Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming list. It's been a tough week and this really put a big ol' grin on my face!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. Pretty moths and cute puppies! Ok, off to check out some of the links!

  5. hahaha I can also totally relate to #29 in that "31 things" list.

  6. Hahahaha! I Love these! Especially the paint! That is so awesome and I can't even begin to pretend that I could figure out how they did that.

    Anna Margaret

  7. The paint splashes are insane, they look like mushrooms.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  8. This is your best TiLT that's I've read to date! I could watch those Ravens all day! I pinned the iPhone thing because I know I'm going to forget some of the awesome tips and THAT LEOPARD! Amazing!

  9. I'm just going to be over here, blushing my pants off.


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  11. I love the one about cats. I'm a cat lady all the way and I feel like they have a bad rep. They are the sweetest most caring animals and very loyal!

  12. this cat post made me cry! one of the best tilts definitely x

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  13. It takes a village, and sometimes that village's job is to take a deep breath and remember a long time ago THEY were the toddler causing a ruckus. While we shouldn't ignore our kids screaming, people need to understand that the world can't possibly cater to their senses at all times. It happens, y'all!

  14. Bahahaha this is fantastic. Especially the party sloth. Thanks for all the great links!!

  15. I love your blog, Kaelah. If I lived near you, I would totally try and convince you to go on a friend date with me and gush about how awesome you and your blog are for like an hour.

    I promise I'm not really nearly as creepy as this comment makes me sound. Really.

  16. OMG those paint splash photos are AWESOME!! The things not to say to kids was interesting and it had some good points but I'm not sure how to turn "No throwing your ball inside" into something positive like they change "no running" to "walk, please." Lol. Please don't throw your ball is pretty much the same thing as saying no and is ineffective, too. Obviously that's the major problem in our house right now. XD


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