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Gifts Worth Giving
Y'all, I'm a last minute shopper. Every year I say I'm going to do better, then I don't. I'm left scrambling for the last thing I can order or swipe from the shelves... but I promise I really do try! Rather than wrestle up a different gift guide for every person in your life, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things to gift people with! Even if you can't wrap it under the tree for Christmas day, you can be sure to give a gift that they will love! 

Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • StickyGram magnets, iPhone cases and iPad covers! - StickyGram allows you to build these gorgeous cases for your tech devices using images you've shared on Instagram! You can even make gorgeous magnets to hang around your home. Tomorrow is the last day to order magnets for US delivery, but you can always give the gift of a StickyGram giftcard, that way you know the recipient will get the photos he/she loves the most! I have an iPhone case and I love the soft, matte texture. It's so much nicer than the glossy ones out there!
  • BirchBox Subscription - If you know someone who loves makeup and trying new products, this is totally the perfect gift! You can sign the recipient up for 3, 6, or 12 months! There's even an "Ultimate" package where you can give the gift of some fancy additional products. BirchBox now has a Men's subscription box, too! If you've tried BirchBox and didn't exactly love it, you can also check out Ipsy, Beauty Box 5, and Glossybox, just to name a few! (These are as low as $10/month!)
  • KiwiCrate Subscription - KiwiCrate is the ideal "hands on" gift for any child in your life. Monthly projects range from gardening to science projects and even craft activities! (Sign up with this link and you'll get $10 off your first order!)
  • Craft Coffee Subscription - I'm a huge fan of this subscription service and I held onto my first batches of Craft Coffee for far too long (I wanted to savor them!) If you've got a coffee lover in your life, look no further. There's nothing quite like a nice, refreshing cup of coffee to start each morning!
  • Denik Notebooks - I'm totally biased since I designed the two featured, but I love the cause and I love the quality of the product. For each notebook sold, Denik donates a portion of the proceeds to help build schools around the world. They're currently fundraising to build a center in Mali, Africa! Everyone who has ordered one so far has nothing but nice things to say and I'm so grateful for the opportunity!
  • Amazon Prime - The gift that keeps on giving! Amazon Prime is by far one of the best gift ideas I could think of when I considered folks who spend time online and shop often. I've had Amazon Prime for years and it's such a good investment! For just $79, you get free, 2 day shipping on most Amazon orders for a full year! We do so much shopping on Amazon so it really makes a difference! (Students get it for half-off!)
  • StitchFix - I'll sing the praises of StitchFix until I die, I'm sure of it. If you know someone who loves clothes but isn't a huge fan of the mall or crowds in general, this is the gift for her! Give the gift of great style and allow her the opportunity to try everything on in the comfort of her own home. It makes a world of difference in the actual decision making process!
Today Mike and I have so much shopping left to do! We spent roughly 9 hours out and about shopping yesterday and came home almost empty handed. That's never fun! If you're stuck feeling the same way, hopefully some of these suggestions will help!

Now let's hear YOUR suggestions! I need all of the help I can get! Have you picked up anything fabulous for those in your life? xo


  1. These are all great ideas. I'm with ya, I am a last minute shopper. However, I think I do best at the 11th hour anyways!


  2. Great ideas! x

  3. Personally I love Canvaspop, they are such a great company and every canvas you order is hand made. I love their business ethics and you could not ask for nicer (or more affordable) canvas prints. I have them hung all over my home.
    I love Whimseybox too if you are looking for a subscription box, they have great tutorials and it's fun to see all the projects they come up with.

    Happy Shopping.

  4. Totally buying some of those stickygram magnets for our fridge!

  5. I would love one (or maybe even two!) of your notebooks - they are so pretty, you did an amazing job! And a beauty box subscription has been on my mind for months - maybe someone will finally get me one.....? Thanks for the ideas, really handy!

  6. The photo phone cases are absolutely gorgeous!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  7. I love gifting subscription boxes in general too.

  8. Although I won't be purchasing any gift box subscriptions in general for Christmas, I know that I will use this as a recommendation for a subscription box I would like to start on come tax time for my 4 year old son. Thank you for the KiwiCrate recommendation!

    ..I'll also be using Amazon Prime now that I've read more about it. Thank you for that as well!


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