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Saturday morning we hitched Honeybean up to our Xterra and trekked over to East Nashville for  What The Truck!'s first mobile market. It was so great to be with 6 other mobile shops (and a food truck, and even a mobile car mechanic!) this time around... last time we tried doing this (Black Friday, last year) there were only 3 of us and it was a major fail. I wasn't holding out for much this year but I'm happy to say it was far more successful. We were set up from 11am until 4pm and during those 5 hours we had friends stop by, made new friends with the shop owners, and even met blog readers! It was actually a pretty nice day, too. The sun was shining so we were happy!
One of the main reasons we wanted to get out there and do this mini-event was because Porter Flea is this weekend. Woo! We love Porter Flea, but we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us. We used WTT as our mock-setup so we can know what needs to get made/built/merchandized this week. It's funny because a solid 80% of Honeybean is jewelry, but that's by far our best seller so it works out. We've been trying to find good ways to merchandise it so we'll be busy this week! I debuted my donut prints in the 'bean this past weekend, too! I was so tickled that they did so well! I'll have to whip up plenty more before Porter Flea but I'm excited. 
Maya dropped by for a bit and brought her friend Ryan for us to meet. We carried on for a bit and had a fun time. Then Jesse stopped by after saying she follows me on Instagram and saw about the event there! (-above- Isn't she darling?!) She picked up a couple of awesome pieces from the 'bean, too. Then Amy (Hi Amy!) dropped in and said she recognized the 'bean when she was driving by! (She has a Kurt Halsey sleeve, too! Snap, we need a picture of them together next time, lady!) I finally had a chance to meet Kim (from one of Nashville's newest mobile shops) and she was an absolute gem! And the folks over at the K.McCarthy Fashion Truck were so friendly and awesome to chat with at the end of the day. -- Seriously y'all, I love that the mobile movement is finally progressing here in Nashville! It's such a breath of fresh air. I love it even more because so many of the owners/operators are so so kind. Loving the community feeling!

You can tell the 'bean was on a super slope-y parking lot! haha Even the jacks couldn't level it out perfectly.
After setting everything up for the first time since Summer, we were able to see just what needs to be taken care of come Winter. Honeybean is getting an interior makeover! It's a long time coming honestly. We've been wanting to renovate the inside (again) for about a year and a half or more, but since the 'bean was going on the backburner for 2013, we didn't want to get ourselves in too deep. We're hoping to put the 'bean on a more level playing field with Him + Honey for 2014, so in order to do that we need to make our renovations happen (fast!). The idea is to gut the entire interior and start fresh... and that terrifies me. We really just sort of got taken advantage of when it came to hiring someone to do it for us. We were too far away to keep up with the progress and then when we picked her up it was all rickety shelving. We're going to replace the walls, the floor, rip out the breakfast nook, etc. We're going to hopefully make it more boutique friendly. Right now the first 1/3 of the 'bean is almost unusable because it's such an awkward space. Luckily Mike and my stepdad are ultra handy! I'm dreaming up a moodboard of what I want everything to look like now so I'll share that soon! Gotta get through Porter Flea first! haha
They're calling for some ridiculous snow in Nashville this weekend (and by ridiculous I mean like an inch or two... which if you live here you would know that's basically Snowmageddon) but I'm hoping it'll hold off long enough to get the PF event out of the way. I don't really want to tow a trailer that far in yucky weather, and I don't want it to keep people from the event! Ahhh! Cross your fingers for me, yeah? 
If you're in Nashville or plan on stopping by Porter Flea, please say hello! I'd love to meet you. That's by far my favorite part of each event. So many new friends to make! Anyway, Happy Monday! I hope your holiday/weekend was so much fun!

PS; I get a lot of emails asking for advice/information/etc about mobile boutiques... if there's anything you'd like to know or ask or talk about, let me know! I've had people ask me to write posts about it but I don't really know what to include because I don't know what information you're looking for! Don't be shy!

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  1. It's already so cute that I can't even begin to imagine the levels of cute it will be once you re-do the interior! Glad to hear the mobile market was a success!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Such an adorable setup, Kaelah! I just love it.

    Love, Amy

  3. Hey Kaelah, since you're wanting to renovate the entire inside, I feel it should be best with your brand to make it more of your office (mainly your wall that you just recently did with Mike) mixed with a 50's diner look with a style that says country glamour (here steps in your merchandise). That way, you can give your merchandise a store setting that not only brands the merchandise but tells a story for Him & Honey so you can gain clients for both of your photography venture. Just an idea!

  4. I can't wait to see the bean makeover. It's already super cute so I bet it's going to be amazing!

  5. The idea of building stuff inside the 'bean just makes my little builder heart happy!!!! Can't wait to see it all done!

  6. this is so cute!!
    If you're interested in getting a 20$ gift card in SammyDress, feel free to join the giveaway on my blog!

  7. I LOVE those donut prints! How did I not know about these before?!
    Can't wait to see the makeover! Y'all are so handy and creative, it's incredible :)

  8. this is amazing! I would love love to have a mobile stall, but one I don't drive and two I don't think there are many places in the UK that would accommodate it! Looks like you had a great time! x

  9. The bean is looking good! Love your presentation style :)

  10. It's crazy cute already, can't imagine what it will look like when you've done the makeover. It's so cool that the movement is up and coming, it must feel really great to be a part of it! x

  11. I would looove to get a firsthand look at all the gorgeous stuff you've got there. I would actually be insanely interested in an entry about your experiences with a mobile boutique. As far as my own personal interest, I'd like to hear about the business side of things since it's something I'm interested in doing as well (maybe). If you had to choose between a brick and mortar shop or a mobile boutique, which would you choose? And how do you go about getting business licenses when you're traveling from town to town? I'd also just love to hear the complete 360 of how you started, how it's been going, what you're future plans are... :)

  12. This is awesome! Please oh PLEASE do a post about doing a mobile store. I've never seen or heard of this being done in the UK, and I'm suddenly hugely excited about the idea! I've always wanted to have a little boutique but the rent and rates on actual brick and mortar stores in the UK is RIDICULOUS at the moment.

    I'd love to know, how you went about setting it up, how did you choose your little caravan and what should you think about when going to buy one? How did you first go about getting all your stock together? Do you order it from other wholesalers or is everything your own homemade stock?

    Thanks! I'd love to read a post on this. Amber xo

  13. I absolutely love your shop!! I would love to hear about how you got it started.

  14. Those stuffed owls are just too cute! Love the whole thing!

  15. I wish I came out to see you guys! Your little mobile store is beyond adorable. And my boyfriend does construction (local) if you ever need one!

  16. Very cool! I had no idea mobile stores were this popular!

  17. This truck is super cute! Love your pictures.


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