// Things I Love Thursday v.163

this is gorgeous! ♥

these festive cookies for the season ♥

♥ babies and animals! my weakness! best IG ever. ♥

these pocket kittens! ♥

this is beautiful! ♥

♥ a daria marathon needs to happen ASAP! ♥
♥ ALL THE FEELZ! I HAZ THEM! I basically cried the whole time ♥


// "Moist," "Bulge," "Ooze," "Synergy," "Avocado," What words properly freak you out? "Creamy" is definitely one for me. And "Moist." But nothing comes close to "Toenail" WHY DOES THAT WORD EXIST?!

// 33 of the greatest things that happened on Tumblr in 2013. If you read nothing else, read this. It's so freaking hilarious. I can't even.

// Today is the last day to order StickyGram magnets for US delivery before Christmas! I just ordered 5 sets for gifts! Woo hoo! (Use code FRIEND0WS5 to save a couple of bucks!)

// Every Pixar movie summarized in terrible Microsoft Paint drawings. I LOL'd. Would LOL again.

// BeauCoo is having a major major sale on all of their apparel in the BeauCoo Shop! Dresses are marked down like $20+ and there's an assortment of $10 tees!

// You're the advice columnist: My co-worker blogged about how I'm bad at my job. What would you do?

// For the love of Lucy, someone buy this Pendleton dress!

// 35 of the best and worst things about living alone.

// Carrie Anne just did an awesome round up of holiday links on her blog: everything from stocking stuffer ideas to DIY presents and even some incredible recipes! It's basically the only blog post you'll need for the holiday season haha!

// Danielle always finds so many good things to put in her Weekend Links posts.

// This is the classiest outfit post ever.

// The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly About Blogging v.1.

// When did we decide that feminism was about being perfect?

// HEY! Go enter this giveaway! You could win some shoes! And probability is totally on your side!

What are you loving this week?


  1. loving these embroidered kittens!

    it is so unbelievable about how people said horrible things about a woman who just want to keep her body hair, I really do admire her.

    tumblr thing is hilarious!

    great tilt!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. All the cats are so cute! x

  3. That 'What Would You Do' segment is *extremely* problematic. Obviously the way the hairdresser treated the white girlfriend was horrible and it was nice to see people step up in her defense, but the whole thing just seemed like an exercise in "but black people can be racist too!"

    I mean, "We have a black president now." Really? Black on white discrimination is *not* "exactly the same" as white on black discrimination. Is it wrong? Yes. Is it equal to the systemic inequality that black people still face in America? Absolutely not. In fact, the sociological definition of racism is "prejudice + power," which means that black people in America can't be racist. They can be prejudiced, but not racist, because whites still hold hegemonic power in our society.

    "I've never done anything to black people" is a classic excuse of white people who don't want to own up to their white privilege. Mixing that problematic statement in with a scenario in which the black person is actually at fault makes it seem like the white speaker of that phrase is justified.

    This is the type of thing that allows white middle class liberals to pat ourselves on the back and feel like we have achieved equality without acknowledging the systems of oppression that *still exist* and to which we contribute.

    #ihopeyoulikefeministrantscausethatskindamything #PROBLEMATIC! #imsorry

    1. Your comment is SO spot on, absolutely! While I didn't share it to be all "OMG look how far we've come!" I can totally recognize the truth behind your thoughts. I loved the video because it showed so many people willing and eager to grow as a society *together* - wasn't that last lady just amazing?! There are so many kindhearted people out there. We're a long way off from a level playing field when it comes to race + class in the US, but I will always find a reason to celebrate those who rise above. I hope that makes sense!

      Your feminist rants are ALWAYS welcome here! ;)

    2. The "What Would You Do" is of course problematic because its a dumb TV show. But I grew up in an urban setting and had girls of color say simply to my face, "I don't like you because you're white." It was extremely painful and confusing for me as a child and now as an adult those memories give me pause when entering a space that isn't culturally "white." So even if its cheesy or fake or problematic, hearing people express that hate simply begets hate and to express desire to move forward together is still extremely powerful.
      Just my little two cents from a long time anonymous reader, love your blog and always love TILT.

  4. I totally look forward to these lists every Thursday. They always get my day off to an awesome start. Thank you for always sharing such amazing stuff!

    Ladyface Blog

  5. Ha, well thanks. :) And you're right, it is nice to see people being so brave and kind to a stranger. That last lady especially, I want to hug her! So awesome.

    By the way, I love this feature and every Thursday I bombard my husband's gchat with all the cute gifs/photos you find. haha

  6. I'm getting SO MANY FEELINGS about the body hair thing. There are a few things in the world that make me angrier than people trying to tell a woman that something her body (and every single person's body) naturally does is wrong, but this is definitely up there. GRRRR.

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  7. Pocket kittens are officially my new obsession! Where can I buy shirts with kittens in my pockets?!

  8. I rarely comment on your TiLT posts even though I read and love them all, but MAN that link with the girl with body hair. People are freakin' mean! It makes me sick that anyone can judge someone like that. My favorite comment? "If it's religious it's okay but... blah blah blah" REALLY!? It has to be a religious decision for it to be okay? Ugh. I can't.

    xo Ashley

  9. I really love when people get upset over my body hair. I have had people tell me that I am a monster, blasphemous, disgusting, etc just for wearing a tank top at Six Flags. Get over it. I hate your goatee, but I wouldn't ever tell you what to do with your body.

    1. i think "I hate your goatee, but I wouldn't ever tell you what to do with your body" is one of my favorite things you've ever said!

      i have surrounded myself with so many awesome people that sometimes i forget douche canoes like that exist. (lest tumblr let you forget!)

      also, i have so many friends that don't shave that when i see a hairless armpit it always surprises me. whoops— is my freak flag showing?! g2g!

  10. Oh my gosh. Babies and kitties. Those pictures just made my day. Thank you.


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