// Things I Love Thursday v.140

get in my life, you perfect piece of fabric! ♥
♥ this latest julep collection! (get your first box for FREE! click here + use code FREEBOX) ♥
this! i want to go here! ♥
♥ the simplicity of this gif. ♥
♥ i love this sheet of moths ♥
this coffee mug is cute, and of course donuts! ♥

♥ i'm so sad about AD being over again. heartbroken! ♥
this sloth! ♥

♥ this video! oh my gosh, i actually cried. it's so sweet! (via Kristy) ♥
♥ i really love this "my body, my shrine" swimwear campaign ♥
this mama + baby bear ♥
this! ♥
this scene. ♥

♥ katie sent me this video of her mister making amazing things on their farm. SO MUCH TALENT ♥

// Get your entries in for the $100 giftcard over here! You can use it on any online retailer that Chippmunk has a coupon for! (ModCloth, Anthropologie, Target... you name it! - Basically they just want to give you $100 and it's super easy to enter!)

// If you like reading super creepy things, this might appeal to ya!

// I just reduced the price on every single thing in Kaelah's Closet! Having it sitting around is still taking up too much room so check it out! Most of those pieces are brand new, with tags, and never worn!

// Ugh, I want to go here! Look at how many gorgeous places there are for photos! I bet an engagement shoot would be so beautiful here :D

// How do you feel about this whole thing with Kickstarter? Have you heard? They're refusing to remove a campaign that basically aims to have a rape guide published. Yeah, it's a pretty gross situation. You can read more about Kickstarter's decision here.

// UK retailer Debenham's has vowed to ban the airbrushed photos... Now they're calling on other retailers to follow suit. Think they will?

// Ashley just shared her "Summer Bucket List" - Anything you've got on your own?!

// Spoofs Fire Back At Racist Cheerios Commercial Critics. How cute are those kids?! Eat It, Haters!

// I love how dressy Roxy made this simple Target v-neck. Perfect summer outfit!

// !!! Amanda had a little cameo appearance by a woodland creature in her outfit post... Can you see him?!

// Tera just shared their wedding video trailer!

What are you loving this week?


  1. so many cute pics:) you have brightened up an otherwise very bleak thursday:)

  2. Mmmm that icecream looks so tasty! Love these posts from you, you find some really cute stuff


  3. I've been ogling that first dress since it arrived, and I love that swimsuit campaign. Also, I just read about the Kickstarter thing and I am SO MAD. There's a Change.org petition out for the CEO to get rid of it, but the site won't load for me! Great picks, as always.

    xox Sammi

  4. oh Spencer, he made me cry too. And laugh, his crocs-walk is so cute.

  5. I love sooo many things in this post! A dress with dinosaurs on it! What could be better? Maybe one of those bathing suits, or that ice cream, or those bears. Too much goodness to process on this post! Aha.


  6. that first dress is SUCH A DREAM! Love it. also, i am so glad to hear about debenhams! hope other do so too! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  7. Oh, I always love these posts of yours, you always find the best things!

  8. I always love these posts of yours! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome internet finds =D

  9. I looove all the colours for julep this month. I got my email this morning and let out an involuntary squee of excitement. Now if only I had the extra budget room to actually get my box this month, haha.

  10. I'm definitely one of those people that enjoys reading creepy things. HOLY COW. Chills for days.

  11. I'm definitely one of those people who enjoys reading creepy things. HOLY COW! Chills for days.

  12. I just wanted to stop by and say how much I really enjoy your Things I love Thursday posts. I honestly look forward to them, and can't wait to share your internet finds with my hubby! Thanks for bringing the rad to us!

  13. did you know the donut mug is actually from a dutch brand called Blond Amsterdam.. you can buy the mug (and some cool other stuff) online..

  14. Did you know the donut mug is actually from a Dutch design. It's from Blond Amsterdam, they've got some really cool stuff on there website. http://www.blond-amsterdam.nl/en/

  15. Oh man, that first dress is my dream dress and it's totally going on my Friday Favourites list this week! Thanks for introducing me to it!

    As for what I'm loving this week, I really enjoyed this article: 5 Reasons You Should Wear a Bikini: No Matter Your Size. It's a great article on positive body image, perfect for summer swim suit season :)


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