// Things I Love Thursday v.138

this! ♥
this is the prettiest tattoo ever...♥
this new catbearding meme HA! ♥
this species of solitary mason bees makes nests out of petals for its larvae ♥
♥ this! who is ready for the 8th + final season this month?! ♥
this pretty setup ♥
♥ i would totally stay at this hotel ♥
♥ hey springfield! ♥
this is precious! ♥

♥ oh tina! ♥

this no-bake strawberry pie recipe is a MUST try! ♥

this dresssss! ♥

// THIS IS SO COOL! 22 linguistics maps of the United States... from how to pronounce pecan and caramel, to what folks call their carbonated beverage. (It's totally a coke... no matter if it's a Sprte or a Pepsi... it's a coke!)

// Do you adore The Northern Sea like I do?! Well, they're hosting a Tophatter auction this Saturday with over 75 pieces from their shop... each auction starts at just $1! What the whaaaaat?! You can RSVP for the real-time auction if you're into it! I'm going to try to pop on and shop while we're out and about!

// Mike hates mushrooms, but I love them. And this sweet and sour marinated mushroom "snack" sounds deeeeelish!

// Have y'all clicked over to Amanda's blog? She lives in this dream world! Ah! So jealous of everything going on in her life. She's so cute, too!

// Wishlist Wears: this coral dress! // the clutch! // peach statement necklace! // these camel slingback peeptoes! // lady of the hour dress (most perfect color EVER!) // these "doe" sunglasses are so so cute // these shoes!!! // the perfect mustard dress (saw a gal wearing this at porter flea + i fell in LOVE!) // black and white ida heels // DUDE! ringpop shoes! would you?! // i want to go on a picnic with this bag

// 7 Ways To Get To Bed Earlier Tonight... I need this. I desperately want to be a morning person, but I'm totally not.

What are you loving this week?
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  1. I love the fox tattoo! It's adorable!

    Emma x

  2. Those cat pics a re hilarious!


  3. Too many good things! I loved the fox tattoo (I've always wanted to get a thigh tattoo,but I am hesitant). The linguistics maps were cool- I cannot believe people pronounce lawyer "loyer"

  4. I died at at that Frenchie on the swing. Cute overload!

  5. oh my gosh...the fox tattoo.... <3

  6. I just spent so much time pronouncing words in different accents! Hah That was incredibly entertaining.

  7. Great links! I, like Autumn, had a lot of fun with the linguistics maps. Haha, laughed pretty hard. The catbeard meme is equally as amusing. And Amanda is the best! She inspires me so much.
    e m m a ▼ d e e r

  8. TILT is always sooo good! We're excited for Dexter too, just finished season 7 the other day. :)

  9. Catbeards?! Ohmyword - that's the coolest thing I've seen all day! he he.

  10. I've really started to LOVE foxes since I got my little foxbaby, Todd. I do TiLT too and I have embroidered fox loafers on my post today. You should definitely check them out! I want those ringpop wedges by the by :D Too fun.

    xo Ashley

  11. Lots of great stuff here, I too love the Little lady, little city blog, they are living the dream!


  12. that linguistics map is awesome! I'm so proud to be from Wisconsin and see that we and Rhode Island are the only ones that call it "a bubbler"

    1. I'm from Vermont, but my mom is from Rhode Island, so I call it a bubbler and it always confuses people!

  13. Love that linguistics map! And a giant underwater nautilus hotel? Whaaaat!! <3

  14. This is such a great list. I LOVE the cat beards thing! And omg the bunny pile! I love the linguistics map - saw it a couple of days ago, and since I study dialects and regionalisms, it's super interesting to me!!

    xox Sammi

  15. I love the bunnies!!! And the cat pictures are so funny! Also the petal nests? Stunning!

    <3 Sara from tinysugarbee.blogspot.com

  16. oh my goodness.. the cat beards are killing me!!! so funny!


  17. I saw those linguistic maps yesterday and totally read each word aloud and then checked if it matched my area X) It was so interesting! And omg, those ringpop wedges are so cool! Definitely added them to my wishlist.

  18. cat bearing is the funniest thing. love love love the bunny pile too! <3

    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  19. I loved the mistaken lyrics article on xoJane! For months I thought the lyrics to Don't You Worry Child (Swedish House Mafia)were: "Don't you worry child, Jihad has got a plan for you." The funny thing is it totally works with the rest of the song!

  20. Beautiful tattoo, and my daughter watched the dog gif for hours (well five minutes, which is hours for a toddler!)


  21. you post the best things, I especially love the petal larvae! nature is so cool :)

  22. Your tilt posts are always so fab. Isobel tried to kiss the swinging bulldog.

  23. Your tilt posts are always so fab. Isobel kissed that bulldog in a swing gif.


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