Things I Love Thursday

Welcome to my Weekly World of Wonder! Are you excited for lovely things? I am!

♥ this tumblr. (though some are hit or miss) ♥

♥ these Miu Miu inspired nails ♥

♥ this silly demonstration of brushing your teeth (like a man) ♥

♥ this is one of my all-time favorite movies ♥

♥ this cute pancakes (i don't even like pancakes) ♥

this kinda creepy haunting photo ♥

this pretty pancake technique (more pancakes!) ♥

♥ this awesome shark cake ♥

♥ these sam edelman zoe booties (that i *must* own) ♥

this autograph from tina fey. she is a BOSS! (& this book rules) ♥

What are you loving this week?


  1. Okay, now you've got me craving pancakes, and I don't even like pancakes either! Also, I'm going to start brushing my teeth like a man from now on. I supposed I'll have to wear a false beard.

  2. Oh goodness now you have me wanting pancakes... worst you have my husband wanting pancakes... now he wont shut up. Now i have to stop being lazy and make breakfast.

    (The Barbie bathtub would be cooler if she looked dead and the water was red....)

  3. all of these are amazing and now i have my inspiration to make some food.:)

  4. I am loving the fact that today is National High Five Day!

  5. I'm loving that I get tomorrow off for Good Friday AND I get to meet my favorite author, Ted Dekker.

    Yep, loving it.

  6. tina fey! she said she signed a select few of the books like that, i would adore to get one special signed.
    PANCAKES! i never get the same delicious pancakes as i do at dennys or ihop at home, maybe it'll be okay with the cook pancake art?
    what an odd artsy-fartsy barbie photo.

  7. I'm sooo excited to read Tina Fey's book - I got a copy today and I plan reading it all tonight, because I'm cool like that ;)

  8. haha. love this post. if you get a free second stop by and check out my latest celebrity trend report. xoxo

    Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news.!/FashBoulevard

  9. I LOVE pancakes. I might have to try that pretty lacy pancake technique.

    And omg, Tina Fey is a genius.

  10. Rilakkuma pancakes are soooooo kawaii *_*


  11. I'm so in love with your blog. Thanks to whatever made me stumble upon it one day, and thanks to you for the entertainment and inspiration!

  12. Adorable pancakes!

  13. oh my lawd, that brushing teeth like a real man just made me laugh so hard. i love stupid crap like that..hahaha..

  14. OMG,those pancakes are so amazing.I just had dinner and i swear i could have some!!! ♥

  15. gorgeous nails!

  16. haha! Omd, that how-to on brushing your teeth like a man really cracked me up! Tina Fey is just awesome. End of story. :D

  17. Tina Fey was on Conan and said she only signed two books that way...Congrats on getting one! I'm not so secretly jealous!!!

  18. ahh i love those miu miu nails!! i wonder how they did that.

    grease is one of my all time favorites as well!

    this is such an awesome 'things i love thursday'


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