Calling All May Sponsors!

Holy cow! It's almost MAY! Where exactly is 2011 going?! Can I just say how proud I am of this little blog? I feel like this is the time of the month where I reflect on all of the amazing things that have come out of blogging and I constantly feel like I'm in a dream. Blogging is hard work. It can be stressful. And it definitely takes a lot of devotion... but I can't imagine my life without my sweet blog. It's like it has become a limb necessary for living or something! Silly, I know, but I know many of you feel the exact same way about your blogs and the people it has brought into your lives! 

Can I also say how excited I am for May?! Sure, it's coming at rapid speed and sometimes I forget important things because it's such a workload, but at the same time, I'm excited! Excited, excited, excited! May is full of wonderful things already! I'll "formally" be graduating college (even though I've been done for 6 months!), Mike's birthday is coming up (Cinco de Mayo!) as well as many other special people's, this little blog will be turning 2 years old (!!!), Georgia will also turn 2 (the day after!), and I'll be dishing on a few of my business decisions... as well as announcing a very special project that I'm so so so so thrilled about! 

My little slice of the blogosphere is a labor of love. Every single day. And I'm so excited to be taking it back to it's personal roots. We hit 3,500 on GFC the other day (That's not even counting BlogLovin' or GR)! How thrilling! and I'm averaging views of over 250,000 a month! That's a quarter of a million! Whoa! Yesterday alone was 9,000 views! Someone pinch me!

I'm offering up both Large and Medium sized sponsor spaces for May (and onward!) so please check out the Sponsor Page and see if you would benefit from the traffic that LCH has been receiving! I'm open to working with bloggers, small business owners, brands, and anyone inbetween! Space is limited so pop over and see what would work best for you and then shoot me an email at!

The Extra Large space is completely sold through 2011 except for September and October! So if you'd like to reserve your spot, do it quickly! I feel as though my rates are extremely low for the amount of traffic that LCH sees and I truly want everyone to benefit! LCH is helping me live my dream so here's to living yours! Let's make something magical happen! xo

QUICK LINK: View Sponsorhip packages HERE! (I'll gladly give a special discounted rate for those who choose to sponsor for 3-6 months!)