Friday Friday!

Here's a quick recap of the happenings from Thursday and Friday (I'm about to have to leave for work!)...

Thursday: Woke up early and got ready to go to Franklin. Loaded Georgia up in the car because she needed to go to the vet and I high-tailed it to Franklin (a grueling 1.5 hour drive basically). I had to meet the FEMA inspector at the house at 11am and I was falling asleep the whole way. I finally got to the house and there was a Disaster Relief group from a church in Florida working on the house... 3 women and 2 men. The FEMA guy shows up and we go through the paperwork and he starts to inspect the house. I wish I would've taken photos because you would NOT believe what was happening. All the walls had been torn out, all of the flooring (like 7 layers) had been torn up, and the entire place was just gutted. Nothing remained. As we walked through the house to asses what I had lost, I started crying. I just bawled like a baby. The church group was so kind and sincere, but I just lost it. After the inspector took photos and toured the house, he went around to get the square footage and the church group asked if they could pray for/with me. I was touched at their kindness but I still couldn't help but cry.

I feel like I've done a decent job of holding it all together throughout this whole ordeal, but when you're forced to really really LOOK at it and relive it once more, it hurts. Some days are better than others, but I'm just happy that there are people willing to help. (So thank you so so much to everyone who has reached out to me, be it wonderful and heartfelt packages, cards, letters, emails or words. They mean so incredibly much to me, you can't even begin to understand.)

After that, I headed up to the vet in Brentwood and had G checked out. Two things were wrong... she had all sorts of tummy problems and her hairloss has gotten progressively worse. After many tests and thoughts it was her thyroid, we ruled that out with a good test result. Turns out she just had a tummy bug and the hairloss is a result of a really awful allergy. A lot of bulldogs have skin allergies so it's nothing out of the ordinary, but it still sucks. Not to mention she has to have surgery on each of her eyes again (for a separate reason). Her eyelids roll as she grows and they roll inward so her hair scratches her corneas... thus resulting in constant wet eyes. Another thing that is just common in a lot of breeds. Caitlin said her sister's lab just had surgery for this. I'm more than positive everything will go well.

Someone made mention in my formspring about the possibility that she is from a store or a pet mill basically, but I can assure you that she's not. Georgia came from a single-family that had the momma and this was their first and only litter. They aren't breeders of any sort so I'm not worried about anything like that. However, that is something that I think EVERYONE should take into consideration when adopting a pet. So many animals are being generated out of pet mills... cats, dogs, etc. Breeders who aren't worried about incest and possible genetic deformities as a result. It's heartbreaking because the people who adopt have no idea what kind of medical future these animals face. And the poor poor animals suffer. So please, research before you adopt! A lot of people want a purebred, but you may be surprised at how many problems that animal has down the line. I knew going into this with Georgia that English Bulldogs have a plethora of medical problems... there are so many things that could, and usually do, go wrong with them and they are very high-maintenance.... but my love for Georgia outweighs any of it and I'm just blessed to have her in my life.

Speaking of adorable G... here are a few photos from yesterday in the car...

Afterwards we headed to REI to meet up with Mike and go for lunch at Q'doba (nothing beats Blue Coast... gah!). Then G and I went back to Franklin after switching cars and ran some errands. Then it was the long drive home. I sang along to NFG's "Sticks and Stones" album to keep me awake.

Mike brought Toby down for the weekend. We had some yummy pizza for dinner and we watched Because I Said So before bed.

Today: We woke up and cleaned for a while and played with Toby. We made cinnamon rolls and before long it was 4pm. Mike and I put Toby down for a nap and we crawled into bed for one of our own. We slept for a glorious 1 hour and 45 minutes. Win!

Now I'm getting ready for work and I hope tonight flies.

Tomorrow we have to be in Lawrenceburg by noon for Mike's Dad's birthday lunch. We're going to stay the night so I'll drive to work from there and then drive back at like 3am. It'll be a nice change of pace staying with his parents. It'll be nice.

Off to work I go now! I'm totally going to be late!

I'll leave you with a funny screencap of a text from my best friend Casey (he put extensions in his hair to freak out his girlfriend hahahaha).


PS; for anyone who didn't see this on twitter yesterday... Sorry if this is taste-less of me, but I just had to post this. Absolutely ludicrous what people think they can say! Apparently I have an Anon-Accountant. What the crap?! haha


  1. ^ so true, bartenders can make serious bank, especially cutie-pie ones! what a noob...

  2. What an ass. Just because you read someone's blog doesn't mean you know everything about them. Maybe they are jealous of the life that you can lead, and saying crappy things makes them feel better. I admire the way you handle things like that, with class and a sense of humor!

    Hope all goes well with Georgia, that picture of her with her tongue out is ADORABLE!


  3. I saw that about the bartender - tell them to shut up!

    I'm sorry that you had to go through all the house stuff but I'm glad there were people there with you to help you through it. Did you stop and pray with the church people or was that not really your thing (don't worry I won't take offence hehe)

  4. I'm jealous of your dog, she's beautiful! Hope she gets better soon.

  5. I can't imagine why someone would be so pissed off about your job, that they'd waste your time with that. WTF? Such a weird thing to get ur panties in a twist about. lol.

  6. so that person saying that crap about you not being able to support yourself and be independent......hhhhmm...can you say PROJECTING! obviously you trigger some insecure part in that person and they are just lashing out. good for you for being independent and i'm not sure why that is so hard to believe!


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