Things I Love Thursday

Valentine's Day

Anne Weckmann Illustrations

PS; She also illustrated the packaging for the makeup brand Too Cool For School. You can buy them in Korea.

Jewel "Stay Here Forever"

Dan Meth's take on Dwight Schrute

This Cute Little Sloth!

These GORGEOUS Ladies!

Cake of The Day!
(via The Daily What)
in reaction to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Amazing Strawberry Couch!

This is SO True!

What are YOU loving this week?!



  1. I love the strawberry couch!

  2. i love that last illustration!
    when are you heading to NY!? i was just there! :D
    too bad we didn't go at the same time.

  3. peppermint*tea: i'm leaving in 2 weeks! we're driving up so we're leavin on friday and taking our sweet time! hitting places that look interesting! :D

  4. I saw Valentines Day at the cinema back in February (I mistimed it and I was on my own but there were lots of couples lol). I really liked the film all the same – I liked how everyone linked together like in He’s Just Not That In To You.

    The couch is super adorable! Not that we could ever have anything that cute in our house lol.

    I have been loving the sunshine this week - just wish I wasn't in work so I could enjoy it :)

  5. u have an awesome & adorable page

  6. I'm not sure if you've ever seen this, but when I saw it I thought of you!

  7. The cake is awesome, anf the diagram, those are my favorites!

  8. OMG love the DWIGHT portrait!!!

  9. i'm going to be watching that movie tonight, and that couch is amazing!

  10. it's Anke not Anne.....

  11. Anon: ahh! How embarassing! Eep! I knew that but definitely didn't type it! Thanks for bringing th


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