Great things are happening over here, I'm happy to say! It seems slow and maybe a tad bit boring at times, but I know good things are on the horizon! Yesterday I drove up to Franklin to buy G some new Bulldog-specific food because she seems to have a wheat allergy of the sorts. She's losing hair and getting red bumps on her tummy. After being directed to purchase a $60 bag of food, I was told it was just as bad as Walmart dog chow, so I took it back and today I'm going to go out to the Co-Op in town and buy some local feed. Hopefully this helps her coat. If not, it's back to the vet we go!

This weekend we had Toby so that was fun. We got him on Thursday and kept him until Saturday night so he could spend Mother's Day with Sarah. Mike came with me to work on Saturday and luckily the bar got a bit busy. Sunday was spent in Camden with my family for Mother's Day, and then we went to bed early so Mike could get up for work yesterday. He's driving over 80 miles each way to work in Brentwood Monday-Friday 11:30 to 8pm. I went up to Franklin yesterday, like I stated, and I ran errands, mailed off some packages, etc. I mailed off stuff to Kaylah and Sarah W. yesterday, and I'll have packages out for Thera, Hannah, Kati K, and McKenzie today :D I also need to be working on some freelance stuff this week. Most importantly finishing up Nicole's stuff! While in Franklin, I popped by Walmart to see my best friend Bryan while he was working. We talked and all that jazz, and made plans for this week while he's in Hohenwald. I can't wait for him to get down here and for us to have fun :D He called just a little bit ago and let me know he was going to run to Clarksville and be on his way. Huzzah! I'll either see him tonight or tomorrow.

I received my housing assignment for my SVA apartment this summer. :) If you live in/around Manhattan or NYC, you better be making plans to hang out with me! I'll be arriving the weekend of June 5/6th (pushed back 2 weeks due to the floods) and I'll be there for a solid 2 months!

A few of my lady friends are having giveaways! You better go check them out! Miss Indie is giving away 100 of her favorite things, Thera is doing a fun little handmade giveaway, and Chloe has got some cute tights!

OOOH, today I received $30 in the mail from Urban Outfitters! So far, I've received $190 from Shop It To Me. You can get 50% off of Marc Jacobs, Free People, etc, and you can earn giftcards to your favorite places! (I've split mine between Starbucks and UO!) CLICK HERE if you want an ~exclusive invite. You can turn off the emails and they don't sell any information to 3rd parties. I can attest to this. :)

AND, last, but not least, I've found my original FormSpring once again (or should I say FormStack?!). This isn't the formspring.me account, but the original one. Completely & totally anonymous, but I just want to post it again to get an understanding of who is reading my blog and how y'all feel about it. I write for myself, but I realize that I have awesome readers and I'd just like to know y'all a little bit better! (Which, as you know, you can ALWAYS email me! About anything, anytime. :) kaelahbee(at)gmail(dot)com!)

CLICK HERE to take the short little survey!
Totally anonymous, don't worry!

I hope you're all having a glorious Tuesdsay! I'll have photos and fun stuff later! I'm going to go sew for a bit! Maybe even a short little DIY post!



  1. I'm glad you are feeling so positive! An inspiration for sure! I'm sooooo jealous you're going to get to meet Debbie Stoller!

  2. Windsor: I worked with her last year, too! She's intimidating but SO awesome! I had no idea she was such a huge hit with people until I was working with her! :D

  3. that website is so good! I just joined and i want sale stuff haha! i hope the pup gets better! poorly pets make me so sad!


  4. im in #1643 in the george washington!
    how about you?

    did you like how we got enrolled in a "complimentary film class" ? haha

  5. hello little lady! i'm a new reader...i came in just as the tragic news of flood was posted. im so sorry for all of your losses, but as you know...its just "stuff" (even though we adore our things!). i lost a small amount of sentimental things in a big earthquake we had in january, so even though i don't know the extremity of your situation, i feel you for sure. anyway...you should try Canidae dog food! thats all we've ever fed our pups and it is amazing, i swear it keeps them young. we even adopted a new buddy 6 months ago and hes like a whole new dog...we swear its the food! here's the link, if you have a local feed store they might even have it there! its not as cheap as purina or something like that, but its not $60 a bag thats for sure.
    love your blog!
    love love.

  6. eeeeehhhhhh!!! Thats really exciting! A package for me!!! (Well I think it's for me unless there is another Hannah hehe)

  7. Liz: I'm in 926! I didn't see that though!

    Meesh: someone else suggested that brand!

    Hannah: yes for you silly!

  8. I sent you a package today!!! I really hope you like it!!


  9. english bull dogs are such high maintenance, but worth every penny. they have the most personality. my family used to have one, he was wonderful :)

  10. can´t wait! <3 (well, at least i think it´s me, the "kati k", hihi.)
    i´m glad to hear that you´re fine.

  11. there is a Kibble & Bits wheat free food (which is in a brown bag) that my dogs enjoy pretty well. Kibbles&Bits seems to be delicious to them, and it's so much cheaper than $60 and they're little tummies are all okay.
    (just incase you ever want to try that for Georgia)
    It's good to hear that things are getting better after all of that disaster. Everything's up from here

  12. Okay, so that picture of Mike and Baby G is cute... my chow/lab mix loves to sleep on her back.

    And Toby is the spitting image of Mike... he's such a handsome little boy! I bet your mom is loving spoiling him rotten!

  13. http://www.polkadot.it/chum-buddy has kaelah written all over it



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