Dujour Mag: The Virgin Issue

I really love sharing my designs with all of you here on my blog, and I'm even more tickled when you actually enjoy them. (Who doesn't like compliments, right?!) Over the past few months, I've shared with you work that I managed to do in my Print Design 2 class at O'More... including the upholstered book (all 168 grueling pages!) and the logo and store design for my vegan bakery (which is a long way away!) called Sweet Cheeks. It's old news that I'm known as the "tacky flower lady" by my friends (a title I'm so very fond of!) and I often times load some of my favorite designs up with pastels, feminine touches such as lace and tulle, and floral print galore! Give me whimsical fancy or give me death! I even described my bakery as "Marie Antoinette meets the 1950's"... Well, for me, that is the appeal of Dujour Magazine. Dujour is quite possibly the editorial personification of my design aesthetic.

Dujour is most certainly a publication I'd love to be affiliated with and to design for. Something about that little girl, fairytale whimsy... ah! It just gets me every time!

They're offering up a preview of their latest work, The Virgin Issue. Check out the preview below, powered by Issu!

Now, I dare you to tell me you're not inspired! But really, does anyone else see what I'm talking about? Gah! I just want to print it all out and wallpaper my room with it! Love love love!

Pop by their website by CLICKING HERE. Even the website makes me drool!


PS; Shh! Don't tell! I totally swiped the gorgeous background from their blog and it's now decorating my desktop! ;)


  1. love, love, love the magazine! and I saw the background, gorgeous. (I wont tell anyone, hah).

  2. AHHHH! LOVE IT ALL! so gorgeous. whimsical indeed!

  3. That's an amazing magazine! Everything about it is so dreamy and lovely.

  4. such a beautiful magazine!
    i'm totally in love.
    thanks for sharing, girl.


  5. the cover/still even reminds me of The Virgin Suicides.


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