3 New YouTube Videos

I apologize for looking/sounding pretty ridiculous in these. But they're in reply to a few requests I received via FormSpring so hopefully they do the trick! Don't forget to head down to the entry prior to this one and download the new Monday Mixtape! Enjoy!



  1. You are so so so beautiful, and I actually really love your eyebrows. Your videos are the coolest :)

  2. Why are you so friggin cute?!
    Love ya!!!
    Oh and I can't wait till my hair is a bit longer, I really wanna curl it too thanks to you. Haha :D

  3. You are adorable!


  4. Dude. Your accent is adorable. I bet they love you at BUST. I live in Atlanta and we adore a good accent.

    I love make up and it's great to learn about different people's routines

  5. Your accent is too cute. :)

    I might have to try the flat iron trick, I have super long hair and it always takes forever to curl.

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  7. I hate when my bangs part in every picture I have too! What helps me, is leaving a bobby pin to hold it in place at night. My hairdresser suggested it to me once and it has definitely helped my bangs stay in place during the day. I hope this helps.
    Great blog!
    Thanks for these wonderful videos. :)

  8. i cant wait to try that primer! i didnt realize how close you are to where i love. i just moved home w my mom since i graduated from mtsu, and live right by all that hype (super targ, etc).

  9. like other's said, precious accent. I am not used to hearing one...up in alaska or living in Cali.
    glad you're doing well with all the flood drama added to your life-yikers!!

  10. I love your curtains in the background! They are so cute! Did you buy them or make them?



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