Mixtape Monday: So Long Sweet Tennessee

It's been a hot minute since I've posted a Mixtape Monday download, but low-and-behold, it is here! I've really been digging this playlist so hopefully you like it too. No hard feelings if you don't, though!

(click on title to download)

To see and download other Mixtape Monday playlists, click the "Music Monday" label at the top of this entry! It'll take you to all of them! Huzzah! Enjoy!


PS; What are some songs/artists/bands you've been digging lately? Gimmie some new tunes! We've got a 16 hour drive to make this weekend to NYC so I'll be updating my iPod!


  1. jenny lewis ^_^

    if you like folksy mellow music you should definitely listen to Laura Marling :)

  2. beautiful! love that rogue wave song!

    PS Kaelah I have been a long-time reader of your blog and I know you love sharks! You actually inspired me to make these shark brooches haha so please check them out here:


    lindsayharmony! =]

  3. peppermint*tea: i've had laura on several of my past mixes i believe! i do love her! :D i loved her a lot in noah and the whale!

    lindsay: those are so great! :D

  4. TYPE O NEGATIVE. best band ever. no lie. and Motorhead :) and Modest Mouse. The album (It's a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About) is a good road trip album. I always listen to it during long car rides. For Type O Negative, I don't know if you're into metal, but they're such a great band, the albums Dead Again, and October Rust. With Motorhead, the album Kiss of Death. YOU WILL NOT BE LET DOWN... hopefully. If you are, I'm sorry! That's just a few of my favorites :)

  5. I definitely agree with peppermint*tea, Laura Marling is the way to go. She has an incredible voice!

    I also love J. Tillman, Jack Johnson (can't go wrong with him when driving long distances), Iron & Wine, and Bon Iver.


  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuapXMfY1SE&feature=related

    i saw her live with city and colour, shes got a good voice.

  7. I recently written a post about some new music I've been listening to. They include Karen Elson debut cd and Volbeat. Both very different styles but still pretty awesome. :)

  8. Found you through Lemon and Raspberry. Anyway, I love music so I was looking through your Mixtape Monday, and I just had to comment on this particular post even though it's so long afterwards, because of Hockey! Their song on this playlist isn't even one of their better ones, so you know how really good they are. Hubby and I have had the good fortune of seeing them in concert twice! (first as a support act and second time as the headliner) Oh, BTW hubby has been to your lovely city of Nashville. :D


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