Tuesday, it is!

Today I woke up and was unaware the I missed fall registration for classes, luckily my final semester at O'More has been planned out since my sophomore year so it wasn't even necessary that I show up. I was surprised to learn I only have to take 4 classes, so I was offered Advanced Print Design 3, which I went ahead and signed up for. If my classes prove to be difficult, I'll just drop it since I don't need it to graduate. I went to Portfolio class for our final meeting. Huzzah! My final portfolio is due next Thursday at 1pm. Phew! I need to churn out the good stuff!

After class I ventured to Panera for a bit to work on some stuff, but as per usual I accomplished nothing. After some yummy black bean soup, I headed home to relax in the hammock with my computer. Again, here, I accomplished little to nothing.

Mike took some outfit photos of me this morning before I had to jet off. He just got home (SunDrop in tow!) and he's making dinner. I hate that he worked all day and now he comes home to cook. I should have done it but we didn't have the stuff and I wasn't in proper attire to run to the store (I've been treating my hair all day haha). I've managed to watch 5 episodes of Felicity. So good!

Oh, speaking of seasons and tv shows... we watched the final 2 episodes of Dexter season 4 last night. I was prepared for something big... something huge... BUT I WAS NOTTTT PREPARED FOR THAT! Best season finale on any tv show I've ever seen. I cannot believe that happened. I'm going to have to find some way to procure Showtime when it returns!

Anyway, here are some photos...

{Outfit Details : 4.20.2010}
{Dress: Charlotte Russe $28}
{Ruffle Shirt: WalMart (Miley & Max) $12}
{Tights: Target $7}
{Oxford Heels: I have no clue}
{Belt: Forever 21 $8}

The dress was an exciting find at Charlotte Russe. It's a bit big because the elastic in the waist but I love the 90's vibe of the light denim and the slight white floral pattern. I had fun pairing it with this silly Miley Cyrus shirt (from WalMart! Score!)

Anywhoo, time to eat some veggies & pasta while we (read: I) watch more Felicity. Oh Ben Covington (Scott Speedman), You are dreamy!



  1. So pretty, what camera do you use?

  2. I love the outfit (I might have to get that shirt, totally cute!). And Dexter, holy cow right?! I watched it during the regular season and after the finale, my friends and I had to take a moment to collect ourselves...! It was a BIG ending!


  3. PS: I'm adding your button to my blog!! xo

  4. You've just made me entirely too excited to order the 4th season of Dexter. JAPAN you jerk, why can't you air such good shows! Heh. I love your outfit today. Shame on my wife beater and jeans!

  5. ohmygosh those shoes steal my heart!! they remind me of Marie Antoinette.
    and Scott Speedman is a hottie. Did you see him in Underworld? *sa-wooooon*

  6. goodness, the way you talk about dexter, its kinda making me want to see what all the fuss is about. i'm REALLY into lost, and it's plot twists. does it compare?

  7. Gorgeous girl. I really really like the shoes!! ps. have you done any previous posts on your tattoos? If not, you should!


  8. Hey Kaelah! I saw this and thought of you! Have you seen it yet?



  9. Ah, I love watching Felicity reruns. Plus, her sweaters are awesome. Haha.

  10. The last time i watched Felicity was when it originally aired lol all i remember is there was Scott Speedman and that ppl were upset that Felicity cut her hair off.. Maybe i should start watching it again lol, p.s the 1st pic of you is supahh :)

  11. that dress/shirt combo is beyond cute!!

  12. I adore your plugs, i'm only at a 2" in one ear and a 6" in the other because, i had a blowout (ouch!) but its healed! :D

  13. oh yeah, i was planning to ask..
    what size are your plugs? :)

  14. So pretty :)

    I haven't seen Dexter yet. It's on my Netflix though. Maybe I should get on that...

  15. I LOVE your style!

  16. I love your hair in a messy bun kind of style, would you ever do a tutorial on it for me and your other readers, just a thought?!
    oh + cute heels too chic! xox


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