Wedding Wednesday! (Is Back!)

Today... well, today did not necessarily start out as planned. I left home 15 minutes early to go to The Frist to get ready for my final Print presentation. We were to meet in the cafe at 12:30pm. I arrived at 12:15pm only to discover, as I parked my car, that I had left my boards AT HOME! Oh my stars! I was out of that parking lot by 12:16. I called Caitlin to relay the message to Doug. I'll just chalk it up to being finals. I flew home... sadly a miscalculation made it a 30 minute drive back to the house. I went a different route and made it back to The Frist in 20 minutes. I pulled in at 1:01pm. I ran inside, got my ticket validated, and panicked. I couldn't get ahold of anyone. I sat in the lobby for a few minutes and just cried (read: ten minutes, and tried to regain my composure). Luckily Caitlin came to my rescue and took me up to the presentation room. Thank goodness Doug is so laid back. I was blessed enough to walk in, calm down, and finally present my stuff. They seemed to really love it. I didn't receive any constructive criticism in any way and they said it was all very cohesive and very "me". Praise! The rushing, the panicking, and the crying in the lobby even... It all seemed worth it. I bolted not long after and now I'm down the street at the Panera on West End, killing time before my tattoo appointment at 4pm. So much to do tonight! But rather than think bad thoughts, let's drool over the recent postings at shall we?!

(Click on the titles to be taken to the post on OnceWed's site!)

This is hands-down one of the most beautifully styled and photographed weddings I've ever seen. Her simple dress, his simple khakis. They even opted to go without a wedding party, and invited their adorable little dog to stand in as best man! The photography was shot by Amy Carroll. You must pop over and check out her site! Part ONE of the feature can be found HERE.

Beautiful environment and colors. Doesn't this young couple just look so darling?! Photography by Kirstin Ellis.

I consider myself a huge fan of Tec Petaja and his adorable wife, Chelsea! They singlehandedly (doublehandedly, maybe? haha) inspired my future wedding. I love to read Chelsea's blog and I gawk in amazement at Tec's photography. Best of all, they're Nashvillians, too! They own an adorable little green house in East Nashville that has been featured on Design*Sponge and the likes. They just seem so charming all around. Tec took these photographs on their bed and breakfast, 40 minutes outside of Nashville. How gorgeous are they?! Swoon!

For anyone who is new around these parts, you can just click the Wedding Wednesday label up at the top of the post to check out other installments of gorgeous wedding inspiration! I'm not even engaged but man oh man! I can't wait to be married! ;)

Off to get tattooed! Thanks for hanging in there!



  1. oh me---oh my! that desert shoot is very cute. i love the environment and the color of the girl's dress.

    i'm glad everything turned out and you got to do your presentation. sounds like a crazy day.

  2. i'm sorry about forgetting things. i absolutely panic and lose my patience when i forget things. sometimes it's good to cry though. it makes me feel better sometimes!

  3. It's too bad you were late to your presentation, but at least everyone liked it!

    Pretty wedding pictures :)

  4. In love with your blog and face. girl, you rule! xx

  5. I'm a new follower to your blog and went back to read everything. Have to say you really are an inspiration!

  6. this has nothing to do with weddings, but I saw this and it reminded me of your love for sea creatures.

  7. Thanks for the sweet comments, girls! :D

    ChelseyBell: thats so cool! :D

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