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I've been bogged down with finals lately and I haven't had much time to promote Kaelah's Closet. Basically it's just a bunch of clothes I'm trying to get rid of before moving to NYC. I'll be selling them for the next 3-4 weeks and then I'll stop while I'm in NY. Everything needs to be gone because I have NO desire to move this stuff again! haha

They're all priced in albums on my photobucket, but I'm willing to combine shipping and even work out a deal with you if you want to buy some stuff. A lot of the stuff is going pretty quickly so shoot me an email as soon as you see something you like. If you want measurements, ask me for them. I'll try to get them ASAP!


Again, CLICK HERE to view all the items for sale! Shoot me an email and PLEASE include the link to the articles of clothing you're inquiring about! Thanks!



  1. ahh first off i LOVE your blog, its amazing, just like you! im such a fan. second, do you still have any of those cute little owls for sale? (i think i saw them on your site, but now i dont see any!)

  2. thanks melanie :) any owls for sale will be on my etsy :)


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