Saturday Saturday!

Well last night I went to work and much to my surprise, we were dead. I'm talking DEAD DEAD. So dead I made roughly 1/3 of what I normally do. Kim (our waitress) was cut before midnight and I was cut around 1am. Awful. Hopefully tonight will pick up and make it well worth it. I drove home and passed out fairly quickly. Only to be startled awake several times by goodness knows what. I was woken up by the ridiculous sound of a monsoon hitting our windows at around 6am. The entire driveway was flooding... but by the time we drug ourselves from under the covers at 10am, it was gorgeous out. Today turned out to be PHENOMENALLY beautiful.

Oh, before I forget... here are a few photos of Georgia and Mike from the puppy park last night. Georgia went swimming in the kiddie pool (we're going to buy her one for the house), and played with the other dogs for about an hour and a half. We spent a giant chunk of our time at the puppy park, thats for sure. I love it though. I love seeing her have fun and playing around. We forgot her leash at home so Mike had to carry her to and from the car.... she was SOAKED... and SO exhausted by the time we left. Peep for yourself!

Here's a photo of me from work last night. Yes, thats how dead we were... I was being narcissistic haha But I finally got my 1" white acrylics plugs in :)

Today's weather was so nice, I threw on a spring time dress, cardigan and flip flops (I want to be a sandal girl, but it's difficult!).

We took Georgia to her vet appointment at about 12:30 and got her vaccinations, and had them test for a mite in her skin. She was not happy. Not happy at all. However, there was a new vet visiting from 100 Oaks and she was so very kind and personable. I'm a fan of hers, for sure. We scheduled her eye surgery and a dental clean for next month, so say goodbye to that awful looking cherry eye! It'll be fixed (for the second time!). She let us in on a way we can upgrade our puppy insurance to help take a couple hundred dollars off of her surgery. Huzzah!

After the vet, we went by the puppy park but no one was really there and it was awfully hot for her to be out so we went home. We grabbed our disposable camera and followed Georgia to the creek in our backyard. We decided to walk along in the water with her as she splashed and played in the mud. We found a gorgeous little path that lead to this beautiful little overgrown area. We took some photos but I look ridic so we'll take more soon! We shot all 27 images, headed to Walgreens to drop them off, and had lunch at Blue Coast Burrito. After that, we headed to the mall for a bit just to kill time. I can't go to the mall without buying something so I walked out with 2 adorable dresses (photos soon!) and a floppy summer hat! I've never been a hat girl but you can understand my excitement when I saw that this one didn't accentuate the already-awkward shape of my noggin! haha

We shot a few polaroids and went on a wild goose chase for a power adapter. We picked up our prints and came home. I just dyed my hair and I'm about to go dry it. I have to leave for work in the next hour. Phew!

I'm going to post a bunch of these disposable camera pictures in the next post. I'll put it up in the queue to be posted tonight! (Check back at 10:15pm CST for the photos!) We went and bought 3 more throw away cameras because I'm officially obsessed! I'm going to take several tomorrow as we go down to my parents' for Easter!

I hope you're all having a glorious weekend!

PS; Here's a SHOP IT TO ME invite if you want to join! Daily deals like 30% off Marc Jacobs, etc! And they've already sent me $40 giftcard to Starbucks and a $10 one to Urban Outfitters! Totally not a scam, I promise! :P


  1. love your top in the picture from you at work. wheres it from?!!?!?

  2. April: thanks! It's from Charlotte risse. It's legitimately my favorite shirt but it's so busted from work hsha

  3. Can you tell us where you shop? I loove your style! So cute! :)

  4. On Tuesday we were at dinner for my Dad's birthday and I had to explain to my Mum what plugs were - and how spacers work lol.

  5. your so pretty :)


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