Friday Favorite : Blossoms!

(♥ all images courtesy of weheartit ♥)

Early Spring is my most favorite time of the season. Everything is blooming and everything is divine. However, mid-April rolls around (about this time) and then those blooms fall from their branches to make room for the green sprouts and it's raining petals. This can be both beautiful and annoying. It was more annoying than anything today. I was walking to class and by the time I got to class, I was sporting a head full of fallen blossoms. However, it was a quick fix to pull them out and continue enjoying the weather. These beautiful photos showcase the most incredible time of year to me.

What's your favorite time of year?


  1. The pics are gorgeous!
    My favorite time of year is early spring as well, its warm but still has the occasional breeze. :)
    Great time for photography!

  2. Now that I live out here in the midwest, I love this time of the year as well. California does not have weather like this.

  3. My favorite is spring by far! Here in Arkansas the dogwoods are in almost full bloom!


  4. my mom has a blossoms tattoo that starts on her back (on the left) shoulder blade then the branches come up and over her shoulder onto her chest/arm

    its really pretty
    im really jealous of it

    and my favorite time of the year would have to be summer.
    its my birthday
    i enjoy the sun
    i get to go to the beaches without worrying about it being cold
    and i can break out the swimsuit and wear dresses without tights :D

    when its cold in the Bay Area, California...its COLD :(

  5. My favorite time of year is late fall. Everything is yellow and red and orange and Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are happening.


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