This is Thursday.

Wednesday was a very very hectic day. This entire week has been. It's felt like finals for all of us here at O'More and I'll be happy when it's gone! My poor roommate, Kayla, sliced off part of her finger and ended up in the ER for 6 stitches. Most all of us have been there (last year I sliced off a hefty portion of my thumb at school). Phew.

I woke up pretty early on Wednesday.... and this is what I found in my floor...

I guess she had gotten so hot in the night she just passed out underneath the ceiling fan. hahaha She didn't even move as I got up to take her picture. HOW ADORABLE! Anywho...

My presentation of my book went really well on Wednesday. It was such a long presentation and only 4 of us went! I got a call from my new tattoo artist saying I could come in an hour early for my appointment. But between Mike picking me up at school, us grabbing lunch and then getting to the shop, we started tattooing around 3:45pm.

It was pretty excruciating at some points. Not going to lie. I was making faces and trying to entertain myself with trashy celebrity tabloid magazines. It worked for about the first two hours but the last hour was a lot harder. I started to get very very restless, and my leg started to tire. My elbows and shoulders were sore from resting my weight on them and shifting every now and again. My butt muscles were twitching randomly. I couldn't even start my last magazine. Instead I wrestled around and threw my face down on the table and just tried to lay there. I closed my eyes and tried to go to my happy place (Okay, it wasn't THAT bad, but I'm not looking forward to the other session, or the other leg for that matter). But I'm very very happy with how it came out so... cool.

Here it is after I washed it off. It wept pretty bad for the first little while, but it's stayed completely clean today.

Mike drove me home and upon arriving, he lead me to the shed in the backyard and opened up the doors. Sitting in front of me was a huge and gorgeous new Tommy Bahama hammock! I had told him I wanted a hammock and we were thinking of maybe buying one this weekend, but I was so excited that he went out, bought it, brought it home and assembled it while I was in class! SO AWESOME! We laid in it last night and it is just SO dreamy with the twinklelights turned on!

After getting home, we needed to run out and do some errands so we went back to his car and much to our dismay, it wouldn't start. We don't know what is wrong with it but hopefully it's an easy fix. Sadly we were supposed to get Toby today or tomorrow, and with me having a tiny two seater convertible, it wasn't looking possible. Luckily, an 11pm phone call to my parents provided helpful. They've got 4 vehicles so lending us one wasn't a problem. The only problem was Mike having to drive an hour and a half down there to get it, and then an hour and a half home. We slept and said we'd deal with it in the morning.

This morning came and I needed to write a ridiculously long paper over Andy Warhol (due at 10am tomorrow) so I didn't go to Portfolio class. I need to email Jeff my progress though. We grabbed lunch at Panera and he brought me back home so he could drive to Hohenwald. This is my car with the two of us in it... Oh my stars, no room!

I stayed at home and worked on my Art History paper for the 4 hours he was gone. I took both blankets and 2 big pillows and climbed into the hammock and didn't get out until well after he returned home. I put on a big cozy hoodie and snuggled up with some Wikipedia.

Today was the TOMS One Day Without Shoes as most of you are aware, I'm sure. Mike and I both took part and here are a couple little pictures.

This was my cozy hammock workspace!

Baby G just hung out with me all day and chewed on stuff. Adorable as ever.

Tonight ended up being a little more dramatic than I had hoped (not with Mike and I, don't worry!) but I'm happy to report that all systems are a GO! and hopefully we will be seeing little Toby tomorrow :D

Tomorrow is my birthday picnic in Pinkerton so if you're around, come by! Pink and white balloons will lead the way!

That's all I really have for you today. No "Things I Love Thursday" post simply because I'm at a loss of time but maybe I'll catch up this weekend! I have some blog designs to work on for some people so I'll probably be keeping myself busy!

I hope you all have a marvelous Friday!


  1. Omg its surprising the back of the legs are so painful. It was the same way for me. It hurt the worst. That tattoo is beautiful. Are you doing any more color?

  2. Your leg looks so clear for just being done thats awesome!

    I wish I could have come to the picnic - did it go well? (wrong tense because it's today lol)

  3. Aoife here. I'm a relatively new reader, but I love your blog so far. Trying to get my own one up and running but Wordpress is proving to be a nightmare for custom blogs. Sniffle.

    Your tattoo is awesome, I love it. I swear I'm itching for a new one myself. I only have one at the moment (a moth on my ribs) but I can definitely empathise with your pain during the process!

  4. ohmygoodess im so jealous of your hammock workspace. that's awesome!!!!
    love that tattoo!

  5. How cute does baby G look!! My dog Dozer does that when he's too hot or exhausted from chewing things/running round.
    Love the tatt so far, bet it was intense! brave you.
    x x

  6. Is that your son?


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