Insanely Image Heavy!

Yesterday was... a day. A day that I don't really care to recall but I will, simply for documentation's sake. Mike and I woke up and decided to seize the day. I had to run by MAC to get some new makeup so we went to the mall. While in the mall, I mistakenly left my iPhone (16gb White) in the women's restroom. We ran back not 20 minutes later and it had been swiped. It was my fault for leaving it, obviously, but I swear, if it's not sewn to my body, I WILL lose it. I'm forgetful. Hmph. We called frantically to try and retrieve it, we even sent a text saying I'd pay a reward if returned. No one wanted to return it... So I cried.

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that it wouldn't be returned. Oh AT&T, you make it too easy for people to steal phones! And so I prepared for the bad news... the $450 bad news of replacing my phone. It's not so much the money that bothered me, it was the fact that EVERY single text message I had received since January 2, 2009 was now gone. This also includes photos. And every single contact. I wasn't handling it so well.

Mike and I trotted off to AT&T, bought a replacement and that was that. My contacts are 4 strong, and I'm still heartbroken. One positive to this is that I now have the 16gb white 3Gs... and it's lightning fast. I just wish I was able to procure it through choice, and not necessity. That is life. I need to be more mindful of my belongings. I just wish someone wouldn't have been so cruel.

To make me feel better, we took Georgia to the dog park and we took some outfit photos. We also gathered up our digital camera, Split Cam, and a disposable camera and went downtown to shoot some photos while we ate frozen yogurt. Mike really turned my day around. You can't rain on this parade!

Now I will subject you to a TON of photos from yesterday...

{Outfit Details : 4.18.2010}
{Dress: A'Gaci $20}
{Necklace: For Love 21 $6}
{Sandals : Manhattan Mall $10}

{Mike's Outfit Details : 4.18.2010}
{Shirt: Urban Outfitters $20}
{Cutoff Shorts: WalMart (form. jeans) $5}
{Shoes : WalMart (clearance!) $3}

We also shot some really cool dandelion photos :)

We ended the evening with veggie stirfry and catching up on Hulu. We also watched a few episodes of Dexter from season 4. There's only like 2 episodes left and it's blowing my mind. We WILL watch the rest of the season tonight. Without a doubt. The suspense for season 5 will kill me... especially since we don't have cable so I'm going to have to find it online! Eep!

Today we woke up and Mike had to work while I had class so we shot a few outfit photos beforehand. I'm really loving this tribal black & brown dress I picked up at Charlotte Russe the other day! I swiped a belt from another dress that I mistakenly bought the wrong size in. At least the belt will come in handy! We grabbed lunch at Panera and went our separate ways.

{Outfit Details : 4.19.2010}
{Dress: Charlotte Russe $28}
{Belt: from a Papaya Dress}
{Cardigan: Charlotte Russe $25}
{Headband: Charlotte Russe $7}
{Sandals : Manhattan Mall $10}

{Mike's Outfit Details : 4.19.2010}
{Shirt: Animal Clothing $20}
{Jeans: Kaelah's old jeans, CR $25}
{Shoes : Journey's $45}

In class today, I worked on a logo for the little cupcakery I'm branding in Print 2. It's called sweetcheeks. How cute! I'm hoping that in the distant future, after I establish my retail store, I can have a little bakery too! It's something I've wanted for years and years!

After class I ventured to The Coffee Beanery for several hours to work alone. I accomplished a lot and then I came home, laid in the hammock with my blanket and computer, and accomplished even more! I really wanted to go to school and work with Merissa and others, but I manage to get so much more done on my own so I stayed put.

Mike is home now so we're making dinner and settling in for Dexter. Can't wait!

Sorry for the massive photo overload! xo


  1. i am so, so sorry about your phone. what a terrible thing to do to someone! i can't imagine finding something and just taking it. at least you have a cooler phone and some fun times to replace it :).

  2. thanks chelsey :) i'm still going to think the best of people! one bad apple can't spoil the whole bunch :) <3

  3. The pictures of you are so amazingly stunning! Well they all are actually!


  4. Hello! I just found your blog through the link on Elsie's blog! You are tooooo too cute! So sorry about your phone, that's awful.


  5. hey, i smashed my phone and had to get a new one but when i synced it with my mac... everything came back - i had all my photos, contacts and messages and apps etc from the last time i synced (it had been about a month) but hey it's better than nothing :)

  6. Hey doll. I've been a bit slack, comment wise, but I just wanted to remind you how much I love your blog. And I noticed that you decided to get your dimples done.. and I have to say that they really suit you! Great choice. I must ask the typical question, as I have been considering it myself for a while. Do they hurt as much as people say? I have had 3 piercings (2 lower lip now retired) and my medusa, which was the most painful. Anyway, thanks for another great post.


  7. When my laptop died a sudden death and I had to replace it (v v sad day!) I remember being DEVASTATED but then realising that I had a cool new toy to play with and update as I liked. The same applies to you (apart from the obvious empty wallet post-phone-purchase!)


    PS - Hope you don't mind the comments and following you on Twitter. I <3 your posts and find you very inspiring. xx

  8. Boo about your phone! :( But your pictures are lovely and your dresses?? WANT.

  9. LOVE your dresses! soo pretty.
    I love Dexter. I just finished season 4- INSANE ending right??? Can't wait for season 5 to come out this Fall!!!


  10. I'm so sorry your phone got stolen girl :o( People can be so mean sometimes, they should have given it to the counter. Maybe they'll come around. And you & your boyfriend are SO adorable! Love your anchor necklace & the brown & black dress.

  11. I love your husband's cameo outfit shots after yours. They make me smile.

  12. susannabean: aw thank you! welcome to kaelahbee! so glad to have you as a reader! xoxoxo

    iggy: i'm really bad about canceling the sync. learned my lesson! gah :(

    laura may: they actually didn't hurt in the slightest! honest! the piercings themselves were virtually painless (i'm not sure if this is because i have a high pain tolerance, or because i expected them to hurt much worse and i was mentally prepared). they were sore for a day or two afterwards, and it was hard to eat, smile, etc, and it actually STILL hurts to laugh really hard (my muscles are trying to get used to them) but so far so good! :D

    aoife: you are so right! there is definitely a positive in everything and i'm loving my new phone. :D thanks for being my little ray of sunshine! (and of course not! thats so flattering, thank you so much! i'm so grateful to have you as a reader!)

    kellie: OH MY GOSH I DID NOT SEE IT COMING! That was by far the best season finale of any show EVER. i cannot wait until the fall!

    windsor grace: we're actually not married! not yet at least! ;) one day maybe/hopefully! :P <3 <3

  13. I'll tweet you my number - I don't know what use you will have for it lol. But it's one more in your address book :) hehe.

    Did you receive the package? Due to the unpronounceable volcano in Iceland it might have been delayed lol. I think I included a note so that you would know it was from me.....

    I had original iPhone then I got rid of it for a BB but now i really wish I hadn't got rid of it lol.

  14. you must have synced it at some point though? especially to upload photos... you might not lose it all :)

  15. im so sorry to hear about your phone.
    i too just recently had to replace my expensive phone with one from walmart (that is way cooler than the more expensive one i had). but i was heartbroken as well because of everything i lost.
    but YAY for lightening fast. electronics that are fast always make me feel better!

    i do have a question for you.
    your hair looks much brighter in these photos than they usually do (unless my eyes are way out of sync with my mind), and i was wondering how do you deal with the up keep of it.
    I am naturally a dark brunette and I have been wanting to go full burgandy for a while, but I feel like it is so expensive to get my roots redone in a shop, but I am too afraid to do it alone. what are your secrets lady :]

  16. Ames: I don't feel like my hair is this bright in real life, but everyone tells me it is. I guess I was so used to 21 years of dark brown hair that it's hard for me to see the bright red everyone else does (plus i can't look at my hair 24/7 haha) but i do know that it's BRIGHT when its in the sunlight.

    as far as doing it myself, theres really no rhyme or reason to the way i do it. i sit in my bathroom, mix up a bottle of dye, and go at it (this time, if you notice up in the very top of my hair, i missed a HUGE spot.. so theres a nice big brown spot haha oops!) i just squeeze it on and work it in with my fingers (i wear gloves). as for roots, just touch them up every week or two by mixing the dye and putting it on your roots for 20 or so minutes, then if you want to dye the rest of your hair, leave it on for 15. i promise you, it's simple and painless! impossible to mess up!

  17. Oh, cute! Lovely photos + outfits! :) I'm crazy jealous of your awesome red hair, too. Rad!

  18. Wait, is the iPhone your primary phone? Don't you have a Sidekick too?

    I'm only asking because new iPhones come out in June and if you could wait a bit, you can get a fancier one...

  19. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry about your phone! That's horrible :( I hate hate HATE when people steal things. It drives me nuts.

    You look gorgeous! And I love that picture where it looks like Georgia is winking. :) She's a cutie!


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