Today we woke up and I managed to get myself to Art History class. I had to write my Integrative Proposal to turn in, but class went smoothly. Afterwards Mike and I ventured home to pick up Baby G, loaded her up and went to Brentwood so he could drop something off at work. Then we went to Banfied (Pet Hospital) so Georgia could have her post-surgery checkup. They want to see her back next Friday because she's still got a lot of swelling in her eye. We took her home and picked up our new Split Cam from Lomography. We went to grab lunch. We picked G BACK up and took her to the puppy park and then we went on a River Walk trail.

We came home and messed around with our cameras for a bit, taking 1 roll of disposable film photos and then 1 roll with the Split Cam. We're going to have them developed while I'm at work tonight. I have to leave in less than an hour so now I'm just passing time. Here are some photos from today though!

{Outfit Details : 4.16.2010}
{Dress: Urban Outfitters $48}
{Sandals: Steve Madden $30}
{Cardigan: Papaya $12}
{Belt: Goodwill $1}
{Sunglasses: St. Marks $10}

PS: Who is going to be in NYC this summer?! I want to make some new friends to hang out with and all that jazz! I don't drink but I don't mind going out (I promise I'm not a buzzkill :P). I'd love to meet as many of you as would wanna hang out so let a girl know! If you'll be around and about, email me! Let's get together! kaelahbee(at)gmail(dot)com!


  1. oh my goodness, that blue and white striped cardigan is adorable! im on that website now about to buy it! lol ..im a little nervous though because it looks so cute on you, but not so much on the model on the site :/ haha
    if you dont mind my asking, what size did you buy?!
    thanks girl :)

  2. Natalie: thanks lady. i bought a medium, but it has a lotttt of give. i could have easily (even with my chubby arms) bought a small. but at the same time i have to take into consideration it hasn't been washed/dried yet :)

  3. So nice outfit!!! And cute dog!!!

  4. How so totally adorable! :) I wont be in NYC this summer but I'm up in TN a lot!


  5. That cardigan is great!

    lovely blog:)

  6. I love your outfit. Looks so cute on you!

  7. I bought another dress today lol. Normally I'd always wear trousers and a cute top but since reading your blog I've bought two dresses! My Mum is floored lol. For years she's been making me wear dresses to family occasions but I've always refused and now i do it out of choice lol.

  8. Bri: where and when?! I'll be in Nashville until May 22nd, then I'll get back August 7th! We should meet up!

    Han: thats so awesome! haha I was really tomboy-ish growing up and then all of a sudden I just changed. My mom did not know WHAT to think! :P

  9. Hey Kaelah, I was wondering if you dyed your hair yourself, or if you went in and got it done??
    Love your blog <3

  10. you are by far the most adorable lady with tattoos :)


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