// Things I Love Thursday v.267

♥ this! ♥
♥ and also this! ♥
this acai recipe is *heart eyes* ♥
this DIY ice bucket is so pretty ♥
this cake! ♥
this illustration ♥
♥ this has a name apparently! ♥
these vegan s'mores tacos! ♥
these photos by guda koster ♥

this might be the prettiest speaker ever made. and it's voice controlled! ♥
it's half price for the next 3 days, plus $50 off with code GETWHYD

// The top 25 memes from the web's first 25 years. (Happy birthday, Internet!)

// I just ordered this Feminist necklace for myself! Treat yo'self!

// How friggin cute are these panda cosmetic cases from Furla?!

// While I'll likely never own any pieces of my own, I'm LOVING Mira Mikati's work!

// I've been using the 2Chic Ultra Revive conditioner from Giovanni lately and holy moly it's awesome. The pineapple-ginger scent is heavenly, and my hair is always so soft after.

// The flat lays are so pretty they make me want to go buy a backpack right now.

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  1. Thank you, Kaelah, for posting about the Louisiana floods. We've been feeling a bit forgotten down here because the footage isn't as sensational as Katrina was, while tens of thousands of homes have been pretty much destroyed over a HUGE area of the state. Entire towns under water. Louisiana people really outdid themselves in responding to this crisis and preventing the death toll from being much, much higher than it easily could have been with how quickly the waters rose. Now, roadsides everywhere are piled high with the destroyed contents of peoples homes.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing a photo of my cake! Cheers!

  3. Your links are so good!! And oh man, the flooding in Louisiana is seriously heart breaking! All those homes, lives! :/ As for the truth behind instagram? Seriously priceless and so true! Happiest Friday, girl! xo


  4. I LOVE these posts of yours. You always find the coolest stuff!!!!


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