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I've been staying incredibly busy so far this month. School started for Toby on August 1st, so I thought it was perfect timing to get back into the swing of things. I hired a project assistant (my friend Amy) and she works a few hours a day with me. We've been able to accomplish SO. MUCH. STUFF! I love being self employed and working from home, but working alone can really be a drag. Having someone here to help keep me motivated has really been a blessing. Plus we hang out tons anyway so why not make it productive?! 

I ended up in the ER overnight last week. Having Linden has made my gallbladder all types of angry and fussy, so naturally it was yet another gallbladder attack. I know I should just schedule the surgery and get it over with, but I keep just making excuses so... I only got 90 minutes of sleep that night, but amazingly enough I wasn't a total zombie come Friday. Saturday and Sunday were supposed to be spent at a labor doula training (as a refresher), but my childcare situation fell through so I missed out. I'm making up for it by sitting in on the postpartum training today though! I love that I get to hear these workshops from different trainers - it's like it's brand new each time. That's kind of fun.

Tomorrow I'll be packing up some Kaelah's Closet orders and spending the day working on design work. I'm living the life, obviously! haha What's been going on with y'all lately?

xo KB

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better now. Being self-employed must be amazing but I can imagine that it brings some difficulties as well. I have been pretty busy lately, we went to the seaside over the week but unfortunately it was raining most of the time xx


  2. I'm so glad you are better. I love that you have someone to keep you in check basically and be someone to chat with also. I work from home again, and I will have a week or so where I stay focused and others where I will drift from work to house work to this and that and get nothing DONE! So I know how that can be. We are in winter here in Australia and I for one am OVER it. Bring on spring Australia, dammit, lol!

  3. Get that gallbladder out, lady!! Your life will improve exponentially!! I had mine out two years ago and just the peace of mind knowing another attack isn't on the horizon is worth it. For most people the surgery is a snap. Low scarring etc. mine was more complicated bc I have super short torso and I had let it go too long so my ducts were all clogged with stones! Seriously if you have any questions, let me know- I'll be happy to answer them! Gallbladders are dumb

  4. That bottle is amazing - it's totally how I feel 99% of the time about everything, haha! I work alone from home too and even though it's awesome, I totally agree that having someone to hang out with is ace. I'm off on holiday soon and I can't wait!! I hope you're feeling better after your ER trip :-)

  5. You look beautiful! Im sorry your gallbladder is being a jerk, Im sure dealing with that is not helpful when you are doing an amazing job as a single mama and dealings with school starting etc. Hang in there!


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