// Things I Love Thursday v.265

this photo gives me all the feels! ♥
these pretty peonies ♥
this photo! ♥
this is so true ♥
this lightning ♥
♥ i want to eat these
these pups! ♥
♥ this gif is mesmerizing ♥

// Travis is by far the most incredible dancer to ever come out of SYTYCD. His choreography brings me to tears every time!

// I've been channeling my inner 90s kid by using the SkipFit (only $16.12!) lately. It took some practice to remember how to get in that rhythm! I've also been trying a weighted hoop ($30.99) again (my friend Lauren taught me some basics a few years ago, but oof! I'm obviously out of practice!) Both are so fun though!

// Holy freaking crap! This elevated bus in China can drive over two lanes of traffic! (They built it in mere months, and it just took it's first test drive!)

// So, Snooki make a music video... titled "Yung Mommy". Okay.

// I just bought several boxes of edison bulb string lights like these to hang outside on the deck. So excited to make it even more cozy!

// I just ordered a YETI Yoga mat and a water bottle from Ban.do via Shopbop. My yoga game is about to be so strong!

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