// Disney World Recap

Disney was MAGICAL! So incredibly magical! We went to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom during our stay, and we had a blast! I had so much anxiety leading up to the trip because I just knew Linden would be a handful. But much to my surprise, he was an absolute angel! He rode in his carseat in the RV the entire way down without a problem, was quick to jump in his carseat while we went to and from places, and even held my hand and listened like a champ in the parks. Seriously, he rocked my world. It was so incredible to make those memories! 

Linden fell asleep on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride - it was adorable. It's a Small World After All is totally my favorite "kid-friendly" ride. and Toby LOVED the rollercoasters! It was such an awesome experience getting to ride rollercoasters with him. He was never afraid at all, and he was totally balls to the wall. I think that's something we'll be able to do together as he gets older, too.

We stayed in the Fort Wilderness Campground and it was awesome! So pretty and well maintained, and so convenient on the inside, too. We went to a campfire and an outdoor movie while we were there, and their pools have waterslides. We had such a great time. Looking at all of these pictures seriously makes me want to tear up. 

We're already planning on going back in a few years when Linden is probably 5 or so! That way he can ride some of the bigger rides that he couldn't this time around. And I'm constantly dreaming about Dole Whip, so. 

xo KB

PS; Happy freakin' August! WHOA! Toby starts 2nd grade today!


  1. Your trip sounds fabulous! My husband and I just went to Disneyland here in Cali for the first time last week, and it was incredibly magical, even as adults! I can't imagine seeing it through your child's eyes! Must be some kind of rewarding!

    Happy Monday!
    A Whimsy Wonderland

  2. We went back in November, it was my first time. I totally get all of the Disney hype after seeing the parks in person. Magic Kingdom was my favorite with EPCOT a close second. Not sure little kids would like it as much though. Fort Wilderness sounds awesome, it's one of the few resorts we didn't get to see on our trip.

  3. We just got back from Disney!!!! So in love with that place, it was hard to come back to real life! Glad yall had fun!!

  4. ah looks like so much fun! and wow how big Linden is getting!!



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