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Black and White Room Inspiration
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We are in the middle of overhauling Toby's room into a super fun place. We didn't put a whole lot of focus on it when we first moved in because we were eyeball deep in renovations and making the place livable. Now that we've had a chance to get the house up to speed and upgrade Toby to bunk beds, we figured it was time to put the time and effort into his room to make it a space that was really special and unique. His room has always been overflowing with toys and knick knacks, so we took this chance to get rid of SO MUCH STUFF! Clothes, toys, books, you name it. Toby really wanted a super graphic/bold look in his room, but Mike and I were not about to budge on the "No red walls!" rule we put in place. Instead we all compromised on a white room with one statement wall in black. Black and white can be worked with from so many angles, and pop colors are the perfect way to pull it off. Here are a few rooms I looked at for inspiration on how to handle Toby's. Drop back by on Friday and I'll show you how it's coming along so far! 

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  1. Our daughters room is teal with one black charlboard paint wall.

  2. I love black and white decor. Toby is gonna love that room so much!


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