// Things I Love Thursday v.230

this stunning photo ♥
this is my DREAM HOUSE - seriously ♥
this DIY pineapple ukulele by chelsea is FANTASTIC ♥
these pretty little phones all lined up ♥
this looks like somewhere i'd like to be! ♥
this dress print! ♥
this stunning morganite ring! ♥
this super fun cake ♥
this tee! ♥

// Linden broke my candy dispenser while I was gone to California last weekend, and I'm thinking this would make for a very modern upgrade! And that candy! Lime Chipotle?!?! Pineapple Jalapeno?! Snap! I really want one to put on my desk haha

// 26 signs you went to a small high school.

// Want $40 to spend at Eshakti?! Here you go! (If you already have an account, sign up with a new email and BOOM! Moooonniessss! Pretty dresses!) The whole site is currently 50% off, and you can get an extra 20% automatically discounted if you use your phone or iPad! xo

// The emotional pain of being too poor to buy diapers. I seriously read this and cried. My heart hurts so badly for those babies and those families. If you can spare a few dollars, consider donating a box of diapers to your local food bank, women's shelter, etc! Parenting is hard enough even when you don't have to struggle for the next meal or diaper.

What are you loving this week?

xo KB

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  1. Ah, I'm obsessed with that morganite ring. It is so beautiful! But the link is wrong in your post. Is there any way you could update it? Thanks so much!


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