// 2 Minute DIY "Autumn-Inspired" Wreath

Michaels Makers - Ashland Wreath DIY
Michaels Makers - Ashland Wreath DIY
I looooove me a quick and easy DIY! The fewer tools needed, the better! Maybe I'm just a lazy crafter (?) at times, or maybe I just really really value efficiency. Whatever the reason, I'm always down for something that makes a major impact on a tiny financial or time budget. This is all of that and more!

As part of the Michaels Makers crew, I've become more and more familiar with the lines offered at my local Michaels stores. I think the vast majority of what I buy comes from the Ashland brand. Something about Ashland pieces just screams femininity! I have faux mason jar vases and silk flowers all over my house. It's like walking around a Parisian floral market on the street.

I wanted to do something for our blue (!!!) front door, but I was having a hard time deciding what direction to go with a wreath. I know it's still Summer, and I'm in absolutely no hurry to wish it away, but I fell in love with these wooden flowers and I had to snatch them up. I picked up this little grapevine wreath and a few packages of the Ashland wooden flowers in hopes that it'd make the perfect Autumn-inspired wreath. I didn't need glue, tape, or anything really! I just stuck the long wooden sticks into the wreath and then trimmed them with scissors. 

My absolute favorite part about this wreath is that nothing on it is permanent. If one of my flowers breaks or I really want to utilize more color, I just pull it out! Boom! Lazy crafting, right? Hey, I make no apologies for making things fast and easy! Everything I used was only a few bucks, too. Win/win! Now maybe I'll make one for our back door next...

Happy crafting! 

xo KB

PS; The Big Brand Sale is about to launch over at Michaels! It runs from Sunday August 2nd until Saturday August 8th, so if you want to make something fancy for your house, pop over then!


  1. I love this! We have had the most rubbish weather here in Wales, with no semblance of a summer yet, so I'm already thinking of Autumn and this would be so cute for a Autumn / Halloween DIY. Thanks for sharing :)

    Amy - http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk

  2. Your blog is so cute and inspirational! Thanks for sharing, lovely lady!

    ♥ Happy Weekend! ♥


  3. I'm all for fast easy DIYs sister! I'm actually looking forward to fall! I'm not one for super hot weather, haha!


  4. I cant wait to be able to decorate a house with super easy DIY's! I will definitely be doing this one! Its so cute xx

  5. Love this..so excited to see this on my own home!


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