// Things I Love Thursday v.228

this looks like the most stunning place ♥
♥ this caption is everything ♥
♥ this. can I get an amen?! ♥
these photos! ♥
these succulent cupcakes! ♥
this photo ♥
this bed! ♥
♥ this... we've all been charlie at some point, right? ♥
♥ this is ON POINT! ♥
♥ remember this cat who saved the kid from the dog attack? ♥
The SPCA of Los Angeles just awarded her their annual "Hero Dog" award! They even scratched out "dog" and wrote "cat" haha!

// Beauty behind bars and prison's underground beauty culture. This was actually very interesting to read, and it's not OITNB.

// 15 poverty habits parents teach their children. I thought this was pretty interesting as it was shared in a handmade business group I'm part of. More than the wealth vs. poverty debate (since it doesn't take into consideration many circumstances), I think there is something to be said about creating healthy time management habits early on. Not unlike any other healthy habit. Thoughts?

// Google and Apple alum say using this one word can damage your credibility. Fascinating! I totally noticed that I use this word an awful lot, especially in work situations. I'm going to try to be more conscious of it now.

// It happened to me: I met my celebrity crush and now he may think I'm stalking him. Laughed the entire time because it's so relatable.

// See what life is like with baby quadruplets (!!!) I love following them on Facebook.

// Why I hate stock photos of work-at-home-moms with their happy babies, clean houses, and shiny hair. HAHAHAH SO MUCH THIS! (But also the hilarious stock photos in the comments!)

What are you loving this week?

xo KB


  1. I agree on the poverty habits. Dan grew up poor, and there were a lot of things I was taught about financial management and success that he simply wasn't. The attitude difference about money is definitely different too.

  2. Omg I think I'm tearing up at that cat getting the hero dog award.

    On the poverty habits - I grew up really pretty poor and my boyfriend's family is richer than I can ever dream to be. We're still quite fresh but I think going forward our attitudes to money is going to be the trickiest part.


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