// Linden's First Birthday Wishlist

Linden's First Birthday Party Wishlist + Ideas
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Linden turns one year old later this month, and we're having his first birthday party two weeks from tomorrow. I thought it'd be fun to put together a little "wishlist" of sorts for our little guy. These are just fun things I've found and saved that I eventually want to get him. Things like wagons and ride-ons to make the day more fun for him. And things that make noise, of course. They're also things that I think would make great gifts for a little guy or gal, so if you're shopping for a niece/nephew, etc, maybe this will be of some help! 

xo KB

PS; Have a safe 4th of July this weekend!


  1. Our little ones are close in age, my bub is 10 months old :) Happy Birthday little Linden(that's what I was going to call my daughter if she was a boy lol) Love the little red bike, very vintage looking and super cute :)

  2. OMG! That Radio Flyer trike. THAT. (The Little Dude loveloveloves to scoot on things. I'm looking for The Perfect scoot-y thing. That might be it! ...for his second birthday, because life is a time warp.) Thank you!

    And you. Holy moly. A one year old. :) You are amazing. Look at that little! You are amazing. I'll save more for when you post about his birthday (if you post about his birthday. Otherwise, I'll just pick a day and email you), but I just need to point out that the success of your amazing family and your relationships is in no small part due to you, your amazingness, your passion and your overwhelming love.


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