// Kraken of the Sea

This little number has been sitting around in my "drafts" folder for a while and I just now found it! Check out that super dead grass... ha! I'm not sure why I forgot to post this outfit, but here it is now. This just happened to be the one day my ridiculous top knot didn't look way bad, ya know? Anyway, I love this dress. The color of it reminds me of an old, worn out treasure map or something. And the ships and krakens are just the icing on the cake. Believe it or not this is actually the outfit I wore for Valentine's dinner with Mike earlier this year. It may not exactly be fancy or romantic, but I felt like a million bucks! Sourpuss just has a way with dresses, I swear. It doesn't matter what Sourpuss dress I have on, someone compliments it and has to know where it came from. I just love how "out of the box" their designs and patterns are. And they fit like a glove! Two thumbs way up from this girl!

I'm currently recuperating from a very whirlwind trip to California over this past weekend, and trying to get things ready for Toby to start school next week (!!!!). I don't know how our days always feel so hectic. Until next time...

ShoeMint flats

xo KB


  1. that dress is so adorable!!


  2. Gorgeous! (but I imagine you could look at that color scheme and know -I- would love it, haha)

    It's tough to find dresses that are actually designed t accentuate hips without clinging too tightly around the stomach or hip area itself. Sourpuss does a great job with that! I think it's taking the vintage flared-skirt style and managing to keep it updated that really works.

    Once again - pumpkin orange cardigans = my jam. So I love this.

  3. Ah, gorgeous! Your outfit totally got me even more excited for Fall and all the cute things to wear. I do love the pattern on the dress! Toby goes back to school next week?! Here in Alberta, I work in a school and I don't go back until August 28! Crazy

  4. Oh my gosh! I love your dress & that hair!!!! you're lovely :)

  5. I absolutely love, love, love this dress. So awesome!

  6. Such an amazing dress! I love dresses that have some pretty badass patterns on it and this one is definitely one of them!



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