// Things I Love Thursday v.211

Now that the holidays are over I can get back into the swing of TiLT! I think you'll really like this one, too. Loads of awesome photos and some fun links! I hope you find something that interests you! xo
this is my favorite illustration ever ♥
this bakery space is so gorgeous ♥
this photo is so stunning ♥
this! did you know there's a fox village in japan? it's as cute as it sounds! ♥
this makes me crave spring so badly ♥
this amazing rainbow of hair! ♥
these dog breed illustrations! there are SO MANY MORE! ♥
this space ♥

♥ this is totally something mike could build for toby! ♥
♥ this totally badass babe! ♥
Margaret Hamilton is a computer scientist and mathematician. She was the lead software engineer for Project Apollo.  Her work prevented an abort of the Apollo 11 moon landing. She’s also credited for coining the term “software engineer.
// Sapiosexuality is the new online dating buzzword and it annoys the everloving crap out of me.

// I've never really wanted to go to Montana, but now I totally do.

// It happened to me: I am a 40-year-old woman who has never had a boyfriend.

// I need to sort out my hair situation so I can wear my golden crown!

// There are some super cute baby shoes on sale today. Moccasins for under $25 even!

// Netflix announces premier dates for your new favorite shows.

// Dear women, if a guy likes you, you will know.

// Wishlist Wears: these boots! // this dress makes me think of the nutcracker // the color of these boots... ahh! // i have exactly enough store credit left to order this... what do you think? // i looove the collar on this dress // A TETRIS DRESS! // this fox bag // this scarf is SO FREAKING CREEPY!

// 23 excellent reasons to drink more wine.

// This mini avocado and hummus quesadilla recipe looks so delicious! YUM!

// 8 yoga-inspired poses to soothe sore muscles.

// 20 beautiful water inspired logos. I am so in love with these.

What are you loving this week?


  1. That bakery space definitely looks gorgeous, but the 10-years-of-sales/retail-worker-in-me is cringing at how much dusting 'rustic' spaces usually require, because of all the flat surfaces where dust collects and the faded colors of paint, haha. Then again, I might not mind dusting so much if it were my OWN space...

  2. I bloody LOVE these posts!! Always stop by on a Thursday to check them out! I am a huge fan of the rainbow hair and im getting itchy to try a bright colour!

    Gemma xx

  3. LOVE the hair photos!!


  4. Amazing picks, as always, but I especially love that fox village!!!

    xox Sammi

  5. With all the fox videos and photos all over the place lately I think I need to snuggle a fox.

  6. Love this post. So inspiring! Wish I could pull off some of those hair colours :)


  7. Loving that hair rainbow image!

  8. I absolutely love your "things I love thursday" posts! I love that you have everything from design to photography to silly gifs. Its the best!


  9. My friend is moving to Japan, I'm definitely sending her the fox farm info so she can visit; after seeing those gorgeous photos, I so wish I died my hair a rainbow color in my 20s; and Hamilton is absolutely inspiring for all smart women! Love it all!

  10. The rainbow hair is amazing! All the colors are beautiful <3


  11. I love those dog prints! The french bulldog looks just like mine. xo

  12. I need to visit that village! Love Valfre

  13. Good pictures! I've been to the fox place http://favy-jp.com/topics/703

    If you have the chance to go to Japan it's definitely worth the go :)


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