// Things I Love Thursday v.214

this is one of my favorite twitters. (see also: denny's! SO GOOD!) ♥
this time-lapse photo of hundreds of sunsets ♥
this print ♥
this logic. right?! ♥
this silly valentine's humor ♥
this is true! ♥
these incredible portraits of auschwitz survivors ♥
this view! ♥
this. awww yeah. ♥

// Watch this! I tried so so hard to embed it but just couldn't. It's the most precious thing. Ugh, my heart!

// I've been going crazy on TeaBoxExpress' Pinterest lately. So many amazing things that you should see!

// Have you heard of "babycore?" Yeah, me neither.

// Wishlist Wears: french bulldog dress FTW! // this gorgeous skirt // i can't wear regular earrings but oh boy if i could // i love love love the bottom of this dress // this dress reminds me of a monet painting // i love how this necklace is both rustic and flashy at the same time

What are you loving this week?

PS; What are your current favorite blogs!? I need to overhaul my Bloglovin' and obviously y'all have great taste! ;)


  1. My top two blogs are The Life & Times of the Noisy Plume and Honey Rock Dawn. Jillian at Noisy Plume is a metalsmith who primarily makes gorgeous wildlife-themed jewelry. It's my goal in life to own a necklace and a bracelet she has made. She did a series with moonstones and buffalo a while back that I still daydream about. She is an absolute wonder. She lives kind of a wild semi-nomadic existence - she's married to a smokejumper who only just got a permanent assignment, so for a long time he'd be gone for six months and she'd live on her own, then he'd come back with the end of the season and they'd go to a cabin on some land they own. They're going to be a bit more settled here very soon. She takes a ton of photos of her, her two beautiful dogs, the mountains, grass, seeds, flowers... it's just an incredibly serene, peaceful place to visit. It's my first click if a new post shows up on my Bloglovin.

    Honey Rock Dawn is run by Shreve Stockton, who runs The Daily Coyote. She has a semi-domesticated coyote, Charlie, that she received when he was a teensy pup. After a couple of years with him and her old cat Eli, she started taking in new animals. They live in a very sparsely populated part of Wyoming and now she has chickens and cows. She takes a ton of photos, too, and it's the photos of her Farmily (her animals) that I live for. They're beautiful photos. She's gotten some flack for having Charlie, but is pretty upfront about how Charlie isn't really domesticated, no one should take in coyotes as pets, etc.

    Forever Amber, who you might already follow, is a UK style blogger who is just hilarious. She does lots of style posts, but just as many funny posts about her life, her house, her dog. She's at the top of my list. She recently did a series of posts on being a full-time blogger that were just crazy informative. She wears a lot of Boden, which makes my heart happy.

    Natalie Creates is lovely. I've only just started following her, but her aesthetic is sweet and rustic and she has some great posts on staying home, DIY stuff around the house, that sort of thing. She's just someone I think would be lovely to meet for coffee and be friends with, so I enjoy reading her posts as they come up.

    The Books of Adam - funniest blog ever. Adam draws illustrations for his posts and they are hilarious and you should totally buy his book, um, yesterday. It's the first book I reach for when I'm sick and just want to smile while I lay on the couch praying for death. Seriously, just head over there and read a few posts and you'll be hooked.

    1. Oh, wow, thanks for these suggestions! I'm going to add them to my reading list right away!

  2. I look forward to this every week - thanks for keeping it going!!! Best thing to start the day off with a cup of coffee! :)

  3. Great picks, I love the fortune cookie one haha. I need this!


  4. Great pics, the Auschwitz ones are very catching, especially because it is more than a few days an 70 years ago!
    Greets from Passeiertal :-)

  5. Those bone Valentine's Day cards are so up my alley!


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