// #PassTheBag - Closet Cleanout 2015!

You know how people choose their "word" for the year? Like "Relax" "Unplug" or something equally vague-but-encompassing. Well, my word for 2015 is "organize." I want to organize ALL THE THINGS! My workspace, my closet, my kitchen cabinets... you name it. I'm well on my way, but it's obviously a huge undertaking. Luckily I'm getting a nice start on cleaning out my closet (and Toby's!) by taking part in the #PassTheBag campaign with Schoola. 

When we moved out of East Nashville so Toby could go to school, I became hyper aware of how they're funded and how many opportunities he'd have because of it. So a little intro to Schoola (so you'll know what I'm talking about haha!)... Schoola is an online pre-loved clothing retailer. They sell donated clothing that is sent in by parents, and then they give $2 out of every $5 spent right back to schools. (Spoiler: you choose the school that benefits when you send in your gently used clothing!) And one of my favorite parts: They do all the heavy lifting. You just pack the bag and drop it in the post. They sort, inspect, list, and sell them on their end. And then there's the prices! Oh my gosh! It's so affordable!

Schoola reached out to ask if I'd be interested in donating some kids' and womens' clothing as part of their #PassTheBag campaign to generate funds for schools. I said yes, obviously, because our closets needed a serious clean out. Toby and I spent one afternoon going through everything in his room and then everything in mine, and now I want to challenge you to do the same! The idea is so simple!
  • Step one: Go online to Schoola and request a donation bag.
  • Step two: Fill it, and send it in for the benefit of your child's school (or a school in your neighborhood, your neice/nephew's school, etc.) Schoola is now accepting women's as well as children's clothing, so do what we did and use this as an opportunity to clean out your overflowing closets and start the new year off fresh!
  • Step three: Challenge at least 3 friends or family members to do the same by posting on Facebook or Twitter and using the hashtag #PassTheBag. (Remember, the more people you challenge, the more money you can raise for your child's school and schools across the country!)
  • If you'd like some sample text to use for the social media posts, feel free to copy and paste this verbiage below: 
    • Twitter/Instagram:  I requested a bag from @Schoola & now I'll #PassTheBag to challenge [insert @handles here]! Donate clothes and give back to schools. Get your bag here! http://tinyurl.com/SchoolaKB
    • Facebook:  I just requested a donation bag from @Schoola to support my school and now I'm going to #PassTheBag and challenge [insert friends' names here]! It's time to clean out your closet and give back -- $2 of every $5 spent on Schoola is donated to schools. Let's do this! Request your bag here: http://tinyurl.com/SchoolaKB
  • I'd love to see your sweet family packing the bag! Be sure to share on social media and tag me, too! It's a great way to get your kids excited about cleaning haha! (Toby would've shoved his whole room in that bag if I had let him. He was so into it!)
  • Step four: Give yourself a round of applause! Not only did you request a bag to donate on behalf of your school, but by challenging others you also helped spread the word about the only online marketplace that supports art, music, and P.E. in schools! Once donated items start to sell on Schoola.com, you can track the total amount raised on your school's fundraising page! Pretty cool right? The more people that donate, the more your school can raise so please share with any and everyone!
And since Spring is just around the corner (well, sort of!), Schoola will be launching their womens's category shortly! This means that you can nab a few pretty new-to-you things while shopping for your kids, all while supporting schools. To help build their women's inventory, be sure to add a few of your own items to the donation bag! I sent in a handful of dresses so you'll be seeing those soon!

How cute does Tobes look packing that Schoola bag?! This entire outfit (Ralph Lauren shirt, Calvin Klein sweater, and Levi's jeans) were scored on Schoola for... get this... $16! The entire outfit was $16! What! I am sold. Kids outgrow clothes way too fast, and I hate spending a ton of money on things that will only be worn a handful of times. This is the perfect middle ground. So many great brands at affordable prices, plus the added benefit of giving old clothes new life. If you're eco-conscious at all, this might be a great way to bring in new apparel without the guilt!

I'm tickled pink to be partnering with Schoola on this campaign because it's something that I truly care about. Becoming a parent comes with a whole new slew of things to worry about, stress over, etc. The quality of their education and the opportunities they'll be given is a big one! I didn't really have any access to "art" classes when I went to school (I did half a semester in a CAD class hoping it'd be somewhat artistic...), and considering that's what I went to college for, I really want to help in any way I can. If cleaning out my closet means my child will have access to the arts, I'm totally game. I hope you join in! xo

PS; Does the word "school" totally not look like a word to anyone else now?! Seriously, what a strange word! haha


  1. Just signed up...I love this idea! And love it even more that they have our county jail education program! So neat.

  2. This is AWESOME! I don't even have a child in school, but now I know what to do with all the clothes I'm trying to get rid of!

  3. This is such a cute idea there's a similar thing that happens at my brother's school and we're in the UK!
    I also need to organise my wardrobe before I go back to uni next week. Everything descends into chaos over Christmas.

  4. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Now I know where to send Marie's clothes off to!

    ~Elizabeth M


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