// Things I Love Thursday v.212

I know, I know... it's Wednesday! (For once I published on the wrong day on purpose! ha!) Tomorrow I'll be sharing my monthly Michael's Makers blog post (it's going to be a super fun one!) so I moved TiLT to today so it'd get ample time in the spotlight! There are loads of great things in this post so hopefully you find something you enjoy! xo

♥ this is some TRUTH! ♥
♥ this gorgeous photo ♥

this taco clutch ♥
these rainbow spring rolls with ginger peanut sauce ♥
this! 30 incredible, once in a lifetime shots. i wanted to post them ALL! ♥
this is the most accurate illustration ever ♥
these three photos of nyc... taken ten minutes apart. ♥
these simple but fun nails ♥
these pugs in a pool ♥
♥ this dress! (source?)
this adorable embroidery ♥

// Rocksbox is a fun jewelry subscription service and you can try your first month for free with the code: kaelahxoxo! (You can wear the jewelry for as long as you want, then ship it back for a new set, or you can buy it and keep it forever!)

// If you're ever in need of a pick-me-up or to know that good people exist, just go here! It's one of my favorite pages to click on and scroll through. So much heart!

// Currentlies - 2015 update. Love this post! It makes me want to do my own!

// Katie shared an early reveal of the January TeaBoxExpress! I haven't made my scones yet, but I'm hoping to get to that this weekend. I love the British theme so much. (But heads up... February's box is going to rock your socks off! - Remember when people used that term?)

// Wishlist Wears: this dress makes me think of marbles // this dress looks gold from far away, but is actually a fun, vintage inspired print up close! // there are SO many bags i'm currently coveting... including this oxblood number, this black satchel, this rustic carryall, this perfect "everyday" bag, this bright blue backpack, and this black and white patterned tote

// 10 awesome infographics for graphic designers.

What are you loving this week?


  1. Thanks for sharing!
    I really liked the 10 minutes apart photo of NYC. It's beautiful!

    <3 Elizabeth

  2. I hope someone finds the source of that dress, its gorgeous!!

  3. Let me just walk you through my train of thought:

    "Cute... aw, cute. Cute! I love the stuff she links to. Man, I wish I had more money towards a subscription box service. Oh, hey, she linked to a Katie doing a review of Tea Box Express! I wonder who else named Katie uses OH MY GOD IT'S ME. SHE LINKED TO ME."

    Soooooo I'm a dork.

  4. I love your TiLTs! Totally thought today was Thursday for a moment and wondered what in the world happened on Wednesday. Haha!

  5. Minimalist baker recipe, yesss! I am making those babies soon. Love this edition of your TILT!

  6. LOL the Toy Story photo is funny. Great selection!


  7. The nails & taco purse! Oh LUSH
    Love Ax


  8. Hey there! I'm having trouble getting the Rocksbox code to work (I tried it with and without the !). I'm going to email their customer service as well but wanted to give you a heads up. It looks like a really cool service!

  9. OMG the PUGS! love love love

    Build your confidence inside & out: http://www.collectivepassions.com

  10. I'm also having trouble with the Rocksbox code! I totally want to sign up...

  11. I love the taco clutch. I got a milkshake shaped clutch for Christmas!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  12. i'm in love with the "behind every successful woman is herself" quote. i think it's such a powerself sentiment even though i have an amazing support group of bf + friends.

    i also haven't painted in my nails in like 5 years but i am so into the one you shared!


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