// Things I Love Thursday v.213

♥ this print ♥

this! 33 brain-melting works of 3D sidewalk chalk art ♥
♥ these precious face cookies! ♥
♥ this fiat 500 with wicker seats! oh my word! ♥
♥ this gorgeous illustration ♥
♥ these are SO COOL! ♥
♥ this gorgeous shelf of plants ♥
♥ this DIY candle is perfect for valentine's day! ♥
♥ this is the perfect way to spruce up a room on the cheap ♥
♥ this pattern ♥

// I've been browsing nose rings on Fresh Trends because I'm thinking about getting mine re-pierced... for the third time. Yay or nay?

// London's 30 most Instagrammed restaurants.

// Women agreed with compliments men gave them online, and it didn't go well. This will make you want to slam your head against your desk... just a heads up!

// You can get $15 worth of FREE kids clothes AND free shipping if you sign into Schoola using this link by midnight tonight! (Free shipping ends tonight, but the $15 worth of clothes is good indefinitely!) And the best part? School still donates 40% of the original price of the clothing... so you don't have to feel guilty about saving some cash!

// It happened to me: I became friends with the woman my boyfriend had an affair with.

// I admit it: I don't shower every day. How often do you shower? I take at least one bath a day (in the morning), and often a shower at night. I love those precious few minutes I get to myself! (Okay, so Linden is there for the baths, but just swinging away haha)

// 26 amazing gifts to empower little girls.

// Last week I shared a coupon code for a free month of Rocksbox but sadly it wasn't working for some of you! Now this code is guaranteed to work so go ahead and try it out for a FREE month of Rocksbox (and I think $25 credit, too!) Use the code kaelahxoxo and let me know if you have any trouble!

// Here's some more info on the Style Society and #IamUnique campaign from Unique Vintage if you're interested!

// Wishlist Wears: this cloud dress is perfect // the colors of this necklace are so pretty // this white lace shrug // this denim jumper // this dress is... whoa! // love the vintage feel of this skirt

// I can't handle how cute Roxy is. Her birthday was this week... go tell that lady Happy Birthday!

// If you're interested in babywearing but you don't want to spend a ton, there's a sale on some mei teis and woven wraps! Chimparoo is a great brand so you won't be disappointed!

// A beginner's guide to leatherworking.

// I recently got a couple of super cute headbands in the mail and I love the message behind them. Headbands of Hope donates one headband to a child of cancer for every headband purchased And they donate $1 of your purchase price to the "giving partner" of your choice. Bravo!

What are you loving this week?


  1. The sidewalk art is unbelievable!!! And how come you've taken out the nose ring before? And I love a daily shower, but I only wash my hair a couple times a week. Great list this week!

    1. The first time was in college and I was temporarily "over it" (ha!) and the second time was because I had to take it out for my c-section and by the time I remembered to put it back in it had closed up too much!

  2. I happen to have contributed to the most instagrammed restaurants in London, can't get wrong with the Breakfast Club! *drools* And I loved the gifts for girls articled

    Happy Thursday (or how I prefer to call it, Friday Eve)


  3. The wall decors are so cute! ♥

    With Love,
    Anna || Curly Scribbles

  4. I want to become 80, buy lots of dogs, move to Miami and drive that Fiat everywhere!


  5. Hey, tried the link to schoola, the $15 credit shows up but free shipping is for $50+, not $15 -that would have been one awesome deal though!!!

  6. I definitely say yay to the nose ring!

  7. Thought you might love this and possibly want to include it for next week. Just saw it as an ad on a youtube video and had to google the commercial: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/similac-has-big-hit-one-most-honest-ads-ever-about-parenting-162541

  8. That's my post about being friends with the woman my ex had an affair with! Thank you!



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