// Linden Atlas - Five Months

Happy freakin' 2015! Just wanted to pop in and share Linden's monthly update! (This break from the blog has been really nice, I have to admit!) Anyway - Linden turned five months old just two days before Christmas! Five. whole. months! (Two of those pictures up there were on Christmas Eve... so technically five months and one day, but hey, whatever!) This past month was definitely a rollercoaster for us. Let's just say the four month sleep regression thing is so real! We transitioned back into full-time bed-sharing so we'll probably be moving his sidecar crib back to his room here shortly. He's been napping in his 4moms Breeze and that's been so nice. 

He also had his first taste of real (well, pureed) food just a week before hitting 5 months. His reflux is still full throttle so we had hoped introducing some solids would help him gain weight and keep the food down (he's still taking the same amount via bottle regardless). It seemed to work for about a week. He put on a bit of chunk in no time, but all of it fell right off and then some. I don't know exactly how much he weighs this month, but visually he lost some weight so we'll have to keep a close eye on that now. It was also our first full month in cloth diapers! It went SO well and I can honestly say that I am SUCH a huge fan of cloth diapering and it's so so so much easier than I ever though it'd be. If you're considering cloth as an option, I totally say do it! Maybe I'll write more about it once I feel like we're experienced enough to chime in, but I'm so glad we went the cloth route (I hope I stay glad hah!)

This month Linden:
+ had his first taste of food! He loves sweet potatoes, peas, pears, broccoli, rutabaga, etc! He's a total pro at eating from a spoon.
+ celebrated his first Thanksgiving.
+ spent lots of fun play-time in his exersaucer and door jumper.
+ transitioned right back into bed-sharing.
+ still eats every 3-4 hours (sometimes 5 (!!!))... even at night.
+ spent his first full month in cloth diapers like a champ.
+ started really learning to babble + make letter souunds (he's really good at "ma" and may or may not have said "mama" a few times... totally not on purpose though, i'm sure haha!)
+ learned how to blow raspberries and now does it non stop!
+ got really good at "petting" the dogs and cats. heart melt!
+ met so many members of our family for the first time!
+ looks more and more like me every single day and i. just. can't!

It was a really lovely month, and I can't believe the next time I check in he'll be half-a-year old! As much as I miss him being teeny tiny, this new stage is SO exciting! xo

PS; I'm not apologizing for way. too. many. photos up there! I can't help but stare at that baby all day!


  1. Your kids are too adorable! & I was always hesitant on the cloth diapers. My mom used them on us and said it was easy. Maybe I'll give it a try on baby # 2.

    Thanks for sharing <3

  2. Your kids are too adorable! & I was always hesitant on the cloth diapers. My mom used them on us and said it was easy. Maybe I'll give it a try on baby # 2.

    Thanks for sharing <3

  3. He is getting so big! And yes, please, please, please, plan on writing about cloth diapering!!!


  4. Are you sure he doesn't just seem thinner because he has grown a bit? Maybe the solid foods inspired him into weight gain AND a growth spurt! He's getting so big after all!!

    1. I hadn't really considered that! That's a totally reasonable explanation though! He hasn't seemed to go through a spurt lately, but maybe it just wasn't one where he fussed/slept more so I didn't notice? Haha we'll know at his doctor's appointment later this month I guess!

  5. He's so handsome! The food experience is so fun because it opens them up to something completely new and wild. Our little one LOVES loves food. I especially like the first photo with the cat - we are going through the same thing even though our cat wants nothing to do with our little one. Keep enjoying that little one!

  6. How cute is this bear jumpsuit? so adorable! love it ♥

  7. He MIGHT have grown! Our rule is to watch Audra's chins, haha. She will build up to about three chins during a hideous growth spurt and be this fat little butterball and then like a week later I'll realize one of her chins is gone, and then when I go to change her she's grown out of another onesie/sleepy suit! So that might be what's going on if he's still roughly eating the same amount.

    And never, ever, ever apologize for photo dumps of babies. Never ever. MORE LINDEN PHOTOS PLEASE.

  8. Oh my goodness he has grown so much and I swear he is just getting cuter and cuter. You have such a great little family and I cannot wait to see what fun times and adventures 2015 brings your way.

  9. what sweet pictures! that sounds like a good month. :)
    xo, cheyenne

  10. how has this happened so fast!

  11. His little bear suit is to die for!


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