// Things I Love Thursday v.200

this! ♥
♥ this adorable photo ♥
this tattoo! ♥
♥ leslie knope quips are the best part of parks + rec ♥
this bedroom ♥
this stag photo ♥
this illustration ♥
this pretty bento lunch ♥
this needs to hang over my desk ♥

// Funeral home offers drive-thru visitation. Okay seriously?! This is so tacky.

// This is the best dog post on Tumblr of all time! You must look at it. Oh my stars they're too good!

// Living simply in a dumpster. Whoa! Forget Tiny Homes! Could you live in a 36 sq. ft. box?

// Why it doesn't matter how you feel about your friends. I need to be more mindful of this!

// I'm choosing a winner for the Ameda breast pump tomorrow. Get your last minute entries in!

What are you loving this week?


  1. Haha I love the purse illustration (spot on!), and I just watched Parks & Rec for the first time in a long time---Leslie is fantastic. And Andy...oh my gosh!! Hahaha!

  2. That illustration of the purse is MY LIFE, lol!

    And I still quote AD all the time, especially those chicken impressions haha! ;) I'm so excited for the new season!

    Rachel Lately | Austin Style Blog

  3. The 2000's beauty products made me laugh really loud at work... I'm currently wearing Warm Vanilla Sugar at age 37, but in my defense the lotion and body spray layer really well with my perfume, that I swear isn't from B&BW. And that postcard tattoo stole my heart! ox

  4. A round up of instant smiles as always. :)

  5. Oh man, I want to live in that bedroom photo! This is a great list! That cat shot is priceless too. :)

  6. Awww, I can't with that adorable kitty!!

  7. Awe! That bento was made by my friend Jane! She is always posting super cute things on her tumblr.


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