// Linden Atlas - Two Months

Linden turned two months old yesterday! And today he's nine weeks! This past month has been pretty special because he finally gave me a big, gummy smile for the first time! He is all smiles when he sleeps (or poops... ha!) but I was waiting to get a really good one out of him while he was awake. I was the only one home when he finally did it, and I lost it! I started sobbing like a madwoman. Seriously I probably scared the poor baby. He gave me three big ones right in a row and I was pretty much hysterical. Mike came in shortly after and I was still a mess. 

Since we finally found the culprit to Linden's cries, he's been a much more mellow baby. We've got a steady rotation of Zantac for the reflux, hypoallergenic formula for his milk allergy, and Mylicon for his tummy. He's still sleeping quite a bit during the day, but the little squish likes to be held a lot so he's almost always in his wrap. Luckily wrap time while awake can be a great substitute for on-the-floor tummy time so he's holding his head up like a champ.

This month Linden:
+ is still in almost exclusively newborn clothing. 
+ finally broke 9 pounds (last week!)
+ measured 22 inches long.
+ started to coo and loves to have "conversations."
+ still loves to be soothed by mama in his wrap.

I can't wait to see what month three holds for this little guy. I'm hoping he'll finally be big enough to try out his cloth diapers by the end of this next month. Fingers crossed! By the time he packs on enough weight to wear his Winter clothes it'll already be Summer 2015. 

* RockaRoo + MamaRoo swings c/o 4moms


  1. So cute! I can't even handle that shark towel.

    PS - You look GREAT, mama!

  2. MamaRoos are the best. I had a brand new one given to me by strangers while I was pregnant (interesting how things work out), and it was a dream. I passed it on to my best friend when she got pregnant.

  3. Can't believe it has already been 2 months! He's such a cutie. Has he had his first laugh yet? I have no idea when babies are supposed to be even capable of laughing, so sorry if that was a dumb question >__<

    Rachel Lately | Austin Style Blog

  4. YES. Oh my god, we took videos of Audra smiling for like an hour straight when we finally got her to do it again after the first time. I think we just sta on the couch staring at her waiting for it to happen again.

    It's funny that he's still in newborn clothing, but I can see it - he's such a long and skinny baby! I wonder if he'll be a lanky little kid - it seems like Toby is maybe pretty lanky, too, so I wonder if it runs in the family? I keep telling Jason I hope Audra gets his family's supermodel-tall-and-naturally-thin genes and not my big-hipped-German-peasant-farmer genes, haha.

    Congrats on two months, Mama! I am so jealous of your MamaRoo!

  5. oh he is just so adorable! You must be so proud, he's precious x

  6. 2 months and already loves "conversations?" That's so cute!

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  7. He is SO precious! I remember when my kids started "cooing" and it was the sweetest thing ever!

  8. What a sweetheart and boy, in some of those pictures does he ever look like his big brother!

  9. my husband is so obsessed with the name atlas!
    love every single picture. you're a lucky mama :)

  10. The shark towel! HOLYCUTENESS! I swear he is just getting cuter! I can definitely see you in him in some of these pictures, and in others I see a mini Toby! Enjoy these precious moments. I'm so glad you've started to work out (and fix) his upsets! xx

  11. OMG he is sooo cute and I love his name! And I LOVE the shark robe and fringe booties!!!

  12. He is perfection!! I love the grainy night time photos. I have about a thousand of those from night time cuddles of my girls. To this day they're some of my favorites!

  13. I love that he still has the 'puffy' baby eyes! I feel like that's the wrong word, but whatever. Cute baby eyes haha Such a cutie!


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