// Style File: Puddle Jumpin'

Since it's been a bit rainy and we're gearing up for Autumn, I thought it'd be fun to do another installment of Style File. This time I partnered up with Joules to create three fun outfits inspired by three separate pairs of their women's rain boots. I am officially coveting everything below! 

/////// skirt // necklace // umbrella // scarf // bag // boots ///////

/////// umbrella // necklace // boots // bag // skirt ///////

/////// skirt // coat // umbrella // necklace // bag // boots ///////

And yes, I would totally wear those striped rain boots with that frilly tulle skirt. Fashion and function! Though if we're being perfectly honest, I don't look half this put together when I puddle jump with Toby. Maybe I should take it up a notch?! Happy Saturday! xo


  1. Oh my goodness, I want everything. I never would think to pair those outfits with rain boots but they all just WORK. And those umbrellas. *sigh* I'm so ready for autumn weather <3

    xx mysmallrayofsunshine.com

  2. I love all of these looks. Going to have to take these fashion tips to heart since this desert girl just moved to the East Coast. Haven't even been here a month and already experienced more rain than I used to in an entire year.

    I think that my favorite would have to be the Preppy outfit. I am a sucker for the eggplant purple paired with yellow.

  3. I love the mustard yellow theme that's been going around lately! The style you've out up is something I wish I could pull off but I sadly cannot! Doesn't hurt trying though!

  4. Love these combos! The boots are adorable. I always have the hardest time finding ones that fit well over my calves but these are short enough that I might have to give them a try!


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