// BAGGAGE: v.1 - Mike's Backpack

I'm a sucker for "What's in my bag" posts because I'm a naturally nosy person. I love seeing what people find important enough to carry around with them on a daily basis. I thought a fun new feature for the blog would be a "What's in my bag" feature that y'all could participate in! I didn't want it to be limited to just purses though, because that's pretty boring. I want to see what you have in your laptop bag, diaper bag, makeup bag, whatever! What do you consider an essential when traveling or going to school? I think the contents of someone's bag can tell a whole lot about them. Our first feature is Mike and his school bag!

Everlane backpack (c/o) // pharmacology + med/surg books // iPhone 5c // pen light // bandage scissors // student nurse ID // jolly rancher candies // flash cards // stethescope // Acer Iconica Tab 8 tablet (c/o Intel Tablets) // Vitapens highlighters // various pens // Denik notebook

Hey, I’m Mike. I’m a nursing student by day, and a father, business co-owner, wannabe musician by night. My backpack is a staple throughout my week. As I start my clinical rotations it will see less day to day use but will still be with me on classroom days, and will still be home to my always important study tools. Important because there is always studying. Always

My backpack is made by Everlane. I really like it because the thick canvas it’s made from can definitely take a beating which is important since I often sling my bag into the bed of my truck before heading out in the mornings. Aside from durability I also love the look of the bag. I think it’s a bit more stylish than a typical Jansport or whatever. It fits the “super smart nursing student that plays guitar on the tailgate of his truck between classes” look I’m going for. 


Flash Cards - No nursing student's backpack would be complete without flash cards. They are one of the most effective ways to study for me. The combination of writing the cards, reading them and saying them out loud with Kaelah really drives in the information.

Stethoscope - I mean what could be more important for a nurse than a stethoscope? It’s one of the most valuable tools for assessing a patient, and let’s be honest, nothing feels more nursey than tossing a stethoscope around your neck. 

Tablet - I love carrying our Acer tablet (c/o Intel Tablets) in my backpack. It’s really convenient for studying on the go since all of my text books are available in PDF format online. It’s also great for looking up new terminology I may come across really quickly. Probably the most useful thing about the tablet is the apps available for studying or for quick reference. There's an app called Epocrates that is my favorite. You can find any drug information you need. Don’t know how much Fluconazole to give your pediatric patient? The answer is just a click away. 


BAGGAGE is a new feature on The Clueless Girl's Guide where I invite folks to share the contents of their bags. We all like a little sneak peek at what others are carrying around, right? If you'd like to share what you tote around in your purse/backpack/makeup bag, feel free to get in touch! I'd love to have you!

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/
content, product, access or other forms of payment. (Acer table c/o Intel - no other compensation was provided)


  1. I can totally relate to this post since I'm also a nurse. When I was a student, my backpack is always heavy with books. Glad that's over. :)


  2. i always love these little sneak peeks! and great backpack :)
    xo, cheyenne

  3. Hello fellow nursing student! My bag contents look a lot like yours, but on my 12 hour clinical days mine is loaded with snacks! I also really need to remember to carry my scissors with me.
    Best wishes for your semester!

  4. I have been a long time fan of your blog but have to admit I visit it much less because of this. Now it's just paid advertisements.

    1. Hey! It's understandable, and I appreciate the candor. But I strive to only include sponsors who fit the content and context of my blog. (And just to be clear, I wasn't paid anything to use/feature the tablet. But it has been an awesome thing for mike/us to have). I know sponsored content turn some people off, but I'm also just trying to make a living. Hope you understand :) if not, I won't be offended. It's a conscious decision I have to make each and every time I'm approached. (But I assure you I turn down at least 90% of inquiries... Not that it really matters haha)

  5. They're a total guilty pleasure of mine! I love scouring YouTube for them even!

  6. I am a total sucker for What's in my Bag posts, too! I always wonder if what I carry around with me is normal, haha. I've done two purse posts, and a make up bag post. I don't really track it anymore because I like to blog to blog, not for the page views (which I got stuck on a while ago), but these posts were definitely some of the most viewed. We're definitely not alone!

    I love the highlighters, perfect ;P They're also small enough to leave room for the books and tablet!

    1. I bought him those hilighters as a silly little "starting school" gift and I love that he actually uses them! They're so cute!

  7. I wish my nursing backpack looked that clean! Now it's full of alcohol wipes, carpyjects, saline syringes, unused gloves and various things that end up in my scrubs during clinical. And so much food! (Though I am pregnant so that has to count for something!) So fun to see what's in his pack.

  8. This makes me want to go back to school SO badly! Love seeing Mike make an appearance on the blog, too.

  9. I love these types of posts! I am a nosy person too lol.


  10. Neat series :) I'd be happy to share mine if you run out of people with nice bags and are organized, haha!!

    Sorry if you get like 7 of this comment...doing it on my phone!


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