// Things I Love Thursday v.148

this art series (dyeing the bones of deceased animals) is so haunting, yet beautiful ♥

♥ i absolutely MUST own this flamingo tea set! (it's not even expensive!) ♥
this cat! (and matching tattoo!) ♥
this simple + sweet series of photographs. love the tradition.♥
this sweet thing! ♥
this venezuelan poodle moth (doesn't it look so cuddly?!) ♥

♥ all custom signs are on sale today! save up to $20! email me for more info! ♥
this blog is one of my favorites EVER. ♥
this photo is so pretty ♥

this cat gets his face stuck in a vacuum hose ♥

♥ LOVE these pink + mint rings from the northern sea
this "umbrella sky" installation in portugal ♥

♥ want to advertise on LCH in september? snag a spot now + save 30%! ♥

// Fat Is Not A Feeling. LOVE this body-conscious comic from Corrine Mucha.

// LuLu*s is currently having their half-off end of summer sale! 50% off SO many gorgeous pieces! (Psst... Did you know they have a whole vegan section of handbags on their site?!)

// How to identify crisis pregnancy centers. This is such a valuable read!

// "Teach Me How To Breastfeed" to the tune of "Teach Me How To Dougie" - Love that there is educational (and catchy!) stuff like this out there.

// Wishlist Wears: if this isn't the most perfect Autumn dress I don't know what is // literally drooling over this cupcake dress // mint cardigan + hearts? YES! // this teal chiffon maxi dress is beyond glamorous // these would be the best motorcycle boots! // the perfect coral (not too) pointy toe flats! and in turquoise and "cappuccino"! and more, ugh! // this bright yellow tory burch tote //  these cutout oxfords are only $21! (in black, too!) // this gorgeous iphone case!

// Are you a tea aficionado? Carrie Anne needs your help! She's on the hunt for the best teas! Chime in with your favorites (or just do what I did and lurk for your own inspiration! I'm a total tea n00b!) PS - I love this fun announcement! Congrats lady!

// The Art of Sending Personal Mail. When's the last time you sent something personal via snail mail? (Self-note: respond to the last wave of PO Box cards, KB!)

// Sarah is adorable (and her blog is no exception). I always dig aquarium posts!

// The average female only wears one quarter of the shoes she owns. Where do you fall in the statistic? (Oh god, I'm way over one quarter and that's seriously alarming)

// 2 Reasons I Enjoy This Post: 1. This looks like a super cute vintage shop. 2. I LOVE Roxy's outfit.

// 7 Trendy Super Foods: Are They Worth The Money?

// Kaelah's Closet will be open for THREE MORE DAYS! Save 25% on everything in the shop with code CLEAROUT

// SPOTTED: cute outfit posts: one // two // three

// You need to go look at this blog post if only for the gifs of the dog vs the vacuum! (Why are animals and vacuums so funny?!)

// I'm not huge into nail art myself, but I can't help but love these simple "toadstool nails" from Amber! I think the photos are so much cuter since they're outside in all of the green!

// Studies show that most parents post a picture of their newborn baby to social media within one hour of the birth. How do you feel about this? Social overshare, or just common practice nowadays?

// Officially obsessed with David Gray thanks to this post.

What are you loving this week?


  1. Oh dear god, why are guys with tattoos of their cats so HOT?!
    Also, the bones are super creepy but I can't stop staring at them O.o x

  2. The bones are awesome! They would make a great bookshelf addition!

  3. amazing! the transparent specimens are awesome and due a post of their own!



  4. Oh me oh my major Chandler dancing on things love!

  5. oh my gosh, that series is so sweet!!! hope you're having a nice end of the summer, dear :)

  6. Oh gosh, I wish I had the money for your red suede ankle boots, I've been looking for a pair like that for ages <3

  7. Lil BUB is my favorite. It's Good Job BUB day on Sept 3rd. :D

  8. Those skeletons are gorgeous!!!

    And I'm now obsessed with that flamingo tea set, I'm thinking I need two. One for me and one for my mom who is somehow way more into them than me!

  9. Chandler dancing on things is so amazing haha
    Thanks for adding my toadstool nails :)

  10. Hehehe that moth looks cuddly because it's a needle felted model of the Venezuelan poodle moth.

  11. amazing as ever! those bones are SO COOL and I'm so sad they don't ship outside of japan yet.
    and the feet project? MOST ADORABLE THING EVER!

    XO Sahra

  12. I'm a huge fan of the umbrella photos. Being in Vancouver it rains all the time you learn to find some sort of beauty in rain gear. <3

  13. The bones are really cool. Especially the turtle. I do kinda feel bad about it but I work in an aquarium and the turtles always scratch me!

    Water Painted Dreams

  14. Lil Bub, one of my favorite internet cats. And that gif of the cat getting it's face sucked by the vacuum is priceless! Oh it has totally made my day!

  15. So much cool stuff! Those dyed animal bones are gorgeous and fascinating; the cat getting stuck in the vacuum made me laugh my head off; and I'm obsessed with that umbrella sky installation! Thanks for sharing!

    Ladyface Blog

  16. Ah my beautiful Portugal :D And I dream the day I have a cat that don't have afraid to the vacum xD

    Sofia G

  17. I'd say overshare on the baby-sharing thing, except that NONE of my family lives within eight hours of us so I plan to do the exact same thing to keep 'em all informed. So no judgement from me. I've also spent the last, oh, four months of her life liking every picture my best friend puts up on facebook of her baby. And i have no plans to stop.

    It's the baby rabies, man. It makes you do crazy things.

  18. I adore Lil' Bub! She's the most precious cat ever :) And her dude seems like an amazing owner. He puts a lot of time and effort into keeping her healthy, or as healthy as she can be. Also HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THAT CHANDLER BLOG?! Best ever.

  19. Glad you like David Gray, it's usually you telling me about the good music! :D Plus I love those skeletons, that cat with the hoover is hilarious, and I want a furry moth! :)

  20. love these posts so much! Lil Bub is the cutest kitty ever <3

  21. Those cappuccino flats on Modcloth are gorgeous!

    And as far as posting newborn pics on social media... yeah. I had my first child in January and my husband sent a picture message to just a few select family members after he was born. It was the first picture EVER taken of him, and to me that was really special. I was recovering the hospital for two days and didn't want to be bothered with going online. When I get home, my facebook was totally BLOWN UP and I found out that my sister posted the picture of my son on facebook without my permission. I was so upset. I didn't post up any of the pictures we took at the hospital because to me... those are personal. That was a huge, massive moment in my life and those are just for us.

    Maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe they're just pictures. But it's special to me, and I don't need every idiot on facebook involved in my special moments.

  22. That art series is creepy yet gorgeous at the same time.

  23. i love corinne mucha! that comic is beautiful! also those skeletons are pretty amazing

  24. Those boots from Modcloth are the coolest, next to the dyed animal bones! Couldn't get enough of that.

    xo Ashley

  25. thank you as always for putting a smile on my face.

  26. Those bones are gorgeous...what a unique idea!

  27. Lil' Bub! He was just in Birmingham (I'm from Tuscaloosa) at the film fest. Greetings from Memphis! I have a friend here who is starry-eyed over Honeybean, and I have to admit, so am I! xoxo

  28. Great post! I loved especially the umbrella installation and the photo series with the feet. Keep it up x

    Blanks and Bliss

  29. I love love love all the photos. So gorgeous!

  30. WOW so nice that you loved the portuguese installation. We have wonderfull things here to see.

    I absolutely love your outfits. your dresses patterns are awesome!

  31. WOW So glad that you loved the portuguese installation! We have a lot of great artistic stuff here.

    I absolutely love your outfits. Your dresses' patterns are awesome!


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