// Things I Love Thursday v.147

this season of breaking bad is gonna be leeeeggggiiitt! ♥
♥ THIS IS SO GOOD! it has NOTHING to do with a bikini babe, btw! ♥
this gorgeous photo of bondhusbreen, norway ♥
this otter knows how to play dead ♥
♥ IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?! dream job! (thanks Molly!) ♥
this photo series is TOO good! ♥
"birthday dog" will forever be my favorite  ♥
this cat is ~*livin the dream ♥
this croc is just catching some rays, dude ♥
this is gorgeous! ♥
♥ if this video doesn't haunt you in the most beautiful/amazing way, i just don't even know... ♥

// Feeling even a little bit sad today? This will make you smile.

// Mike's brother Ryan has lived in Taipei for over 3 years now and we've always wanted to visit... but now we're obsessed with the idea. 28 Reasons To Love Taipei. How fun!

// Wishlist Wears: CHEESEBURGER DRESS! // i am 110% in love with this dress. the colors/pattern! // this bold and structured blue purse // I need more dresses in this bold emerald color // this vintage inspired dress is covered in antique postcards! // this school-inspired bangle bracelet // this taxi clutch absolutely must be my next purchase! // french bulldog loafers // this scalloped bangle set (under $10!) // these cat print oxfords // this "bonjour" iphone case // this "celestial" hair dryer (so weird, i know. i don't even dry my hair... but still!) // this neon dream "marbleized" dress

// The Pursuit of Unhappiness. I loved this post.

// The "Forty Days of Dating" Social Experiment. Two friends decided to date each other for forty days and document the happenings. I'm only on day 6 so far, but I can't wait for them to update with the last several days! (It'd make a great movie... just saying!)

// In love with this outfit from Sophie!

// A Photographer's Perspective on Pinterest. This is so so spot on. Even more so for wedding photographers, I'm sure.

// The Panda Diaries: This sweet little guinea pig is celebrating his half birthday!

// If you love ampersand jewelry, you're going to love these new arrivals. Got any typography loving friends?! Perfect little gifts! 

// Jamie just started her senior year of high school! Go send her some positive juju!

// I'm considering trying to hire Carrie Anne to come professionally cook for me. Never in a million years would I think I'd be into something like this, but holy cow! She makes it look so delicious! (She also just shared an adorable story about her daughter... oh how I know that stage so well!)

// Roxy just shared an extensive list of books she's read this summer (along with her thoughts!). If you're into books, you'll like this post! 

// This little ascot/scarf is so so cute! It's currently on sale, too!

// DIY Japanese Paper Book Cover. Those prints are so gorgeous!

// I've been spending an indordinate amount of time on LiveLuvCreate lately. It's kind of like Pinterest, but for pretty photos and quotes - sort of like an Instagram version. You know I love me some quotes... haha I'm digging the Positivity section.

// I'm dying for this ring! Holyyyy moly. And basically everything else in this Etsy shop. Especially the shark tooth necklace!

// Bulldog Clutch DIY. LOOK AT THAT FACE! Any guesses on who Tera modeled her rad patch after?! Ehhhh? haha

What are you loving this week?


  1. omg that best of vine video was so. amazing. I'm still dying.

  2. Oh my...
    I've seen that poetry video cycling around my facebook feed recently, and I might be the only person who didn't feel so hot about it. I dated a man with OCD, and it was really, really hard. It sucks to know that you will always be asleep by the time your boyfriend makes it to bed on the weekends you stay over, because he has to check every door, window, and oven (there were two. House was built by Hasidic Jews and had a passover kitchen in the basement)in the house three times before he can go to bed. That if we hit a pothole while driving, it wasn't enough for me to say that it was a pothole or a speed bump, we'd have to circle around the block to make sure he didn't hit a person (never mind that I would most definitely be SCREAMING if it were a person!!), because you weren't able to provide the peace of mind that the compulsions did.
    I have so much to say on this. Maybe I should write my own post about it, hah!

    1. I think there's a lot of truth and "experience" in your comment. I've never really interacted with someone with OCD before (at least not to my knowledge) so my ability to grasp what life is like is basically non-existent. I think Neil's poem is absolutely beautiful, but I feel like it serves a much larger purpose than sheer entertainment/beauty. I think it lets people like me see the pain and frustration behind the diagnosis, ya know? I don't doubt for one second that it could be exhausting for both parties involved. I think Neil's poem does a really really wonderful job of illustrating that for the average person. I think everyone wants to see the best in others, especially when their "flaw" (for the lack of a better word!) is not of their own choosing. But I also understand that this can also be overwhelming. I'd personally love to read a blog post about your experiences!

  3. I am crying over that poetry video oh my god. That was so beautiful

  4. Uh, are you trying to make my heart explode with all these cute animals? That otter! Those dogs in the water! The cat with the cake! I'm dying from the cuteness over here!

    Ladyface Blog

  5. I'm reading the 40 days of dating too!!! OMG, SO excited, I'm on like day 34 :)

    Absolutely LOVE your Things I love Thursday posts...might be my favorite :)

  6. eeeep!! I love those photos of the dogs underwater and that otter is TOO DARN ADORABLE FOR WORDS!!! I'm off to click some links!! :) xo

  7. The best of Vine is seriously the most hilarious thing ever.

    And the series of dogs is scary but in a weird way kind of cute, hah!

  8. The Vine video was pretty awesome. I'm impressed with all the choreographed dunking!

  9. i love sloths! they're so cute! how can you not love an animal that's constantly smiling?! :)

    <3 max.
    petticoats & pantalones

  10. Such a great post, so may different things that appealed to me this week!


    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania

  11. Ohhh I didn't know there was another birthday dog photo! He is the best, love him! Off to read the book post now, thankyou for sharing! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  12. the best 11 minutes was awesome i needed a good laugh today! I watched the neil video of ocd earlier this week its amazing!!!

  13. My boyfriend hate-reads 40 days of dating. He can't stop.

  14. Seriously, seriously..

    Am I the ONLY one to ask you about the new Breaking Bad episode? Some people don't know what good TV shows are. So yeah, how did you feel?

  15. Those baby sloths almost killed me, SO CUTE!


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