// Things I Love Thursday v.145

Happy August! Normally the first of the month is reserved for my LCH giveaway (in the Year of Giveaway series) but since it fell on a Thursday I didn't want to skip TiLT twice in three weeks. There's already a post scheduled for tomorrow but pop back by on Saturday for the August giveaway! I'll update July's post with the winner once confirmed. Have a great day xo
this is a great reminder. ♥
this gorgeous clutch ♥
this cat! oh my gosh! ♥
this! rappers and cereal. ♥
these photos. ♥
♥ i have this ipad sleeve and love it. it's so well-made! ♥
this tattoo ♥
this blast from the past! lori beth denberg! ♥
this. tonight we're watching the final episode of Orange is the New Black ♥
this itsy bitsy piglet ♥

// 25 pictures that will make you believe in true love. Warning: You'll probably cry. I cried... a lot.

// If you're a comic book fan (or know someone who is!) you absolutely must get this necklace! It's so dainty and cute, and only $12!

// I loved this post from Carrie Anne where she answered a reader question about what she hopes to pass down to her daughter.

// Erin is FIERCE. I can't get enough!

// Want another dose of Things I Love Thursday?! Check out Jamie's! And Karen's "Flights of Fancy!" She even included a picture of me (Thanks Karen! <3 p="">

// This post makes me want to load up Toby and head back to the zoo! We haven't been since last year and that's just silly!

// It Happened To Me: I've Known My Best Friend For Six Years And I'm Not Entirely Sure He's Real. - In the age of the internet and Catfish, how can you be sure the other person is who they say they are? (There are some problematic word choices in the author's article, but try to look past that and read the story.)

// This eyeball pillow has nowhere to go in my house, but I really really want it haha

// Stop Complaining About So-Called "Weird" Baby Names. What do you think?

What are you loving this week?


  1. DAMMIT KAELAH with that buzzfeed article. I held it together until the pictures of the grooms seeing their brides. That always gets me, especially now that it brings back memories of my first look with Rhett. Guess I need to go reapply my makeup now :) haha

  2. aaawww!! That cat is so cute!! and I love that tattoo + those photographs!! xo

  3. Oh my gosh, I cried like a little baby looking at those true love pictures!

  4. I like that baby names article. My name's Faith and I've never actually MET another faith and I totally like it that way... on the other hand my boyfriend's name is Matt and EVERY BOY I KNOW is named that. Multiple times at parties I've guessed a guys name to be Eric or Matt... with like an 80% success rate. I also like that it points out the blatant racism of 'black names' and how the rest of the populus "(read: white people)" are now just catching up. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I was holding together on the buzzfeed article until all the pictures of grooms seeing their brides. I'm never that sappy but that was just beautiful

  6. Lots of good stuff! That cat is adorable. One of mine totally does that clapping thing when he wants something and it kills me. Obviously, he gets almost everything he claps at.

    Ladyface Blog

  7. You are going to LOVE the final episode!

  8. Goodness lady, after I read your TiLT posts I always have new blogs to add to by blog roll. My list is getting too long but there are so many amazing people out there.

  9. I AM CRYING EVERYWHERE! That article of true love is just the most beautiful, heartbreaking thing. It's the old couples sticking together until death that get me.

  10. Oh this has reminded me that I need to start watching Orange Is The New Black. It looks really good :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  11. That 25 pictures article is so, so heartwarming and lovely! :) And I agree with her about the kid's names, there are far too many people with an opinion on other people's lives!

  12. I LOVE YOUR THURSDAY LISTS! I end up bookmarking so much :)

  13. Oh Kaelah! The 25 pictures that will make you believe in true love have floored me! The one of the man who is looking upon the bench and thinking of the memories shared with his wife, gah! My heart :,( and the lady who eats with the picture of her husband every day! What are you trying to do to me?

    Liam and I started watching Orange is the new black yesterday and we love it! We're already four episodes down! Haha x

  14. i love that orange and black background! we've been watching every night. we only have 3 episodes till we are done. it's probably one of the worst feeling ever!

  15. The True Love pictures are so amazing! Me and my boyfriend looked at them together and it was such a great moment. Thanks for sharing all your great finds!


  16. As soon as I saw the pie, I knew you were in!!! Oh Krazyeyes ;)
    I finished it in 4 days and Kyla just started today... message me when you wanna gab ;)

  17. OMG I was fine until I saw the wedding first looks! Although the comments were spicy on that best friend article, that's pretty crazy! I can totally see her point though, why would she need to know if he's genuinely her friend. I think its pretty cool, but that's my opinion. I love the name article too. I am naming my daughter Kendalynn Mae. I get looks when people ask me what her name is going to be but I LOVE it and honestly have never met someone with that name. I think its cute without being too off. But then again, MY opinion :)

  18. Oh my...I'm sobbing into my cold pizza at my desk...thank goodness I have my own office...I'm showing my boyfriend the photos of grooms seeing their brides as soon as I get home...hint hint!!!!!

  19. OITNB is SO GOOD. That was probably one of the best lines so far.
    That POW necklace needs to be in my liiiife.


  20. The thing about the "weird" baby names is spot on. I should know, my name is Nova. I didn't get teased about it any more than anyone else, and if anything it made me stand out in the crowd. You probably know too, with the way your name is spelled.
    I do get asked the same dumb-ass questions over and over at any job where i have to wear a nametag though. "Is that your real name?" "Were you conceived in a Chevy Nova?" (rude) "Super Nova!" "Are you named after the car?" etc etc


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