// Things I Love Thursday v.136 (+ Happy 4th Birthday LCH!)

This little blog is four years old today! Isn't that crazy? Not nearly as old as some of my favorites, but four years ia long time for me haha It's so crazy to think that it's been four years since I was packing up my bags for my first solo stint in NYC to work at Bust magazine. Then again, it's hard to believe that was only four years ago! Things are so different now... different in a good way though. I like to get all sentimental about this little blog. It's done so much for me. It has brought so many people into my life, and so many doors have opened. I hope the trend continues well into the fifth year and beyond. Thanks for sticking around and making it a fun blog to write day after day!

Now here's a collection of lovely things to get you through the last bit of your work week!
this looks like so much fun! ♥
this dress!!! ♥
this! i'm so fascinated by bioluminescence. ♥
♥ watch your veggies grow with this neat planter ♥
these button cookies! ♥
♥ can we talk about how fantastic this necklace is?! ♥
this adorable mug ♥
these pillows are so cute! ♥
this silly shirt! ♥
♥ this girl had the coolest life growing up! read more about her here. ♥

// Adventurer Vintage is moving out! Snag some sweet sales while they last: 35% off everything with code MOVINGSALE, then an extra 20% off of sweaters + coats. And free domestic shipping on sale items!

// This Fresh Basil Corn Salad looks delicious! (and I'm currently starving so...)

// Roxy shared her engagement video preview! Ahhh, so cute!

// Y'all... Amanda Bynes is just a whole lot of "HUH?!" -- What on earth is going on with that girl?!

// An open letter to Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries... along with some new advertising suggestions in the form of photos. You go, Jes!

// The best thing ever: Gizoogle! Put in your favorite blog URL or Twitter username! Or even your own! Watch the magic unfold.

// Karen's pet Panda! (It's a guinea pig named Panda... but omg!)

// Amanda is selling her Oklahoma "Warrior" print to raise funds for disaster relief in her home state.

// Is Anyone Else Still Traumatized By Books And Movies From Childhood? Yes: Fox and the Hound. My heart breaks every time.

What are you loving this week?


  1. three things!

    Congrats on the four year mark!

    I bought the crochet boston terrier for my niece and it was really cute! Altho i think the link you put up is ripping off the etsy store i bought mine from!

    and third! The fox and hound seriously should not be shown to kids. just the thought of it is still upsetting!!

    1. ah! thank you for that link! i had no idea! i'll edit it now to send them to the right place!

  2. I love Gizoogle! So funny. I also love the bioluminescence photographs. I wish there was a biology course at my university that was about bioluminescence. I'd take it for sure! :P Happy Thursday. :)


  3. Hoping this summer we do some beach bonfires. Those are the best! I need that little planter.. I'm sure my kids would love it!
    I just saw a whole exhibit on bioluminescence at the Field Museum in Chicago. Super interesting.

  4. Wow, that planter is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! I want to buy one!
    Thanks for sharing, the photos are adorable!

  5. This is one my of favorite posts that you do each week. You find the coolest stuff! I especially loved the story of the young girl with all the animals. Amazing.

  6. Ugh I adore that Bernie Dexter dress (it's actually in my Friday Favorites for tomorrow, haha), and those button cookies are so cute! And yayy, Happy 4th Anniversary!!

    xox Sammi

  7. bioluminescence is visually magic!

  8. Congrats and thanks for a lovely blog

  9. a fatal error occurred when I tried the link about that girl on a life safari. sad :(

    but congrats on 4 years! i love your blog!

  10. Four years?! Wow, that's awesome! I actually celebrated my one year blog-iversary a few days ago. Congrats!!! I also love that kitty mug - such cute things!

  11. happy birthday, blog!! hope to more more years to come, I love reading your blog.


  12. that business about joe canseco is just INCREDIBLE. can't believe it.
    i have fallen in love woth that amazing necklace! x

  13. Happy Fourth Birthday!! Love those crochet animals, so cute!!

    xo Becky

  14. HOORAY for four years! You go, girl. :D I love the pictures of the little girl and all of the wild animals, how I would love to do the same thing. <3

  15. Jes is awesome :D And that bonfire also looks awesome! They're just such a fun, summery thing and I love them!

    Also, happy 4 year blogiversary! :D

  16. Thanks girlfriend. I'm literally taking over the world by storm. Hells yeah!

  17. Happy 4th birthday LCH! Your blog is awesome Kaelah, and I can't wait to see what the next 4 years bring! I love those crocheted cushions, and Panda is very excited about being mentioned (although he tries to play it cool)! x

  18. Um yeah, I'm still traumatized by Where the Red Fern Grows, I kind of want to read it as an adult but...what if it's just as sad? AND the cartoon shoe on Who Framed Roger Rabbit too. *shudder* NOT A KIDS MOVIE

  19. Love the penguin pillow. In fact, I love all of those pillows! Thanks for sharing and also, happy 4th birthday;)

  20. i LOVE tippi of africa! so so so much... greatest photography book ever.

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  21. That little girl is the luckiest! But yes, I was traumatized by The Fox and The Hound for a long time but that was only until I got Todd, my baby fox <3

    xo Ashley


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