// Holy Guacamole! (+ Happy 4th Birthday Georgia!)

First and foremost: Happy birthday to our sweet little baked potato, Georgia! I say that like she can, you know, read my blog or something, but whatever. Today she is 4 years old! (Mike's dad's birthday is the 22nd, then my blog on the 23rd, then G on the 24th haha) Seriously, she's FOUR! What?! How?! I remember the day I went to pick her up. Ah, my heart! I get all weird about her birthday when it rolls around because I think about the "expected lifespan" of bulldogs and then I cry because I feel like it's already halfway over. Then I think I'm ridiculous because I spend more time worrying about the inevitable than just hugging on her and spoiling her with treats. That big ol' butterball turkey is my baby so I can't help it. I just love her so much. And now I've realized I've spent all of this time blabbing on about it. Today we're going to treat her extra special!
Holy Guacamole!
The title of this outfit post comes from Mike's affectionate nickname for this dress. When I first opened the package to try it on he was totally skeptical of the color/pattern. Luckily once I had it on he decided that he actually quite liked it, yet he still called me Guacamole the whole time I wore it. I'll just consider it a pet name, yea? I actually wore this outfit last week when we headed up to Nashville to have dinner with Elle + Bryan. We stopped off at a park in Spring Hill to snap some pictures on our way up. This dress is seriously *so* comfortable (though it runs a smidge big, FYI)! Ugh, I'm embarrassed to admit I totally slept it in for like 2 nights because it's just so lightweight and breezy. (Anyone else prefer to sleep in dresses? Just me?) I grabbed my throwback Blowfish Garrens to wear with the dress, and my new favorite "everything and the kitchen sink" IZOD bag. I also took the opportunity to wear my new name laser cut necklace from Kim! Isn't it darling?! I love the typography.
Holy Guacamole!
Holy Guacamole!
I'm currently writing this post with bandaids on 6 of my 10 fingers. "What happened?!" you might be asking... A glue gun happened. How on earth I managed to burn and blister so many of my fingers is beyond me, but I did. Typing is really hard to do and we've been pulling 14-17+ hour days working on Honeybean wares lately. That combination of events has kept me from responding to emails in a timely fashion so if you're waiting on a reply, hold tight! We've been working so hard/long that I seriously start falling asleep with a glue gun in my lap. It hasn't been my finest week but man oh man, we've been so productive! Life will go back to normal after next weekend though, and I'll be so grateful for that! 
Holy Guacamole!
Today we're back at it again, but we'll be taking a nice mid-day break to take our munchkin to get the long awaited hair cut. He was so adamant about having long hair for the longest, but now he's decided to chop it all off. Honestly I'm relieved. I love his long blonde hair but I'm so over saying "Get your hair out of your mouth!" 37 times a day. And being asked "Aw, how old is she? She's so cute!" haha Traditional gender roles be darned, but it'll hopefully save the honest people the embarrassment once I politely say "He's four, but just has long hair"

Do any of y'all have any exciting plans for the holiday weekend?! Tomorrow we'll be spending most of the day in Nashville, but then rushing back that evening to go to my little cousin's dance recital. Then Sunday we're hoping we'll wake up early to head down to the river in the RV. Wishful thinking (always!) but I'm so ready to break that bad boy in! Whatever you end up doing (even if it's just a normal weekend in your neck of the woods) I hope it's fun and safe! Pop back by tomorrow for a giveaway from one of my favorite online shops!

Caught Your Island dress c/o ModCloth
IZOD tote via TJ Maxx
Blowfish "Garren" platforms (c/o, 2+ years ago)
"Kaelah" wooden necklace c/o Finest Imaginary


  1. love the handbag! beautiful :3
    you look so pretty!

  2. You always have the best prints on your dresses - this one is gorgeous! I love a funky print!

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  4. This dress totally has a guacamole color feel to it. I love the color combo. I totally understand the whole bulldog thing, my boy has one and we try to not get too hung up on that! Happy Birthday Ms. Georgia may your life be filled with lots of treats and naps today.

  5. Love that necklace, but the first thing that came to mind was that PSA, of the kid at that park, that used to play when we were little about not wearing items with our names on it because then a stranger could pretend to know you and kidnap you haha! I guess it was a good PSA if that's my first thought.

    Happy birthday to Georgia!

  6. That is a lovely dress. I'm always in envy of your lovely wedges, I'm on the search for some of my own to get soon! I've been living in flat pumps and trainers for so long now and feel like a bit of height will be nice and they can dress up outfits to! xx

  7. Aww, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Georgia! (and happy belated Blog-Birthday, too!) I can't wait to own a dog someday, but I haven't decided between a bulldog and a corgi. Also, I love your necklace!
    Enjoy the weekend - I get to clean up after my drunk little brother on Saturday, what joy! ;)

  8. Aw I know what you mean about bulldogs' life expectancy...Tank's five already. :(

  9. Very pretty outfit! And happy birthday to your bulldog. I love that necklace.

    Almost Endearing

  10. That dress color is pretty crazy - it totally works though! Aw, say happy birthday to Georgia for me. I love all your instagrams of her and I think that + your Tilt posts are why I've fallen in love with bulldogs. :]

  11. That bag is so cute! I really need to invest in a big bag to carry all my stuff in opposed to just my camera bag. And this weekend is for working a million and a half hours but having Monday off to spend with the boyfriend's family at a cookout! Too bad it's pouring right now and it's supposed to pour all week. Oh well, this rain can't ruin my parade!

    Oh, and happy birthday Georgia (and belated happy birthday to your blog and FIL!)

    xo http://www.whyyesdeer.blogspot.com

  12. Kaelah- I LOVE this dress. So funny that Mike calls you Guacamole when you wear it- I can definitely see the Avocado-esque reference, but then again, avocados are amazing, so it's totally a compliment ;) Anyway, you look super adorable, and your tattoos are beautiful!! Have a incredible weekend, lady xo


  13. I love that necklace!

    Glue gun accidents are the worst. I once got a bit of glue in the wrong place so casually used my finger to wipe it away. Idiot!


  14. I love the guacamole dress! And your necklace is so great!


  15. I love your dress! It looks great on you. Such a cute pattern/colour combo!


  16. this outfit is wicked! seriously one of my favourites of yours :) that dress is so different, its awesome, and i totally understand the boy reaction, mine woulda said exactly the same thing!
    super cute!


  17. absolutely stunning dress...and those shoes!! <3
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  18. LOOOOVE that fun printed dress!

    XO Sahra

  19. This dress has such a fun pattern and I really like your name necklace too! I know what you mean about the bulldog lifespan thing. Our bulldog George is 11 so he's definitely toward the end of his life and it makes me so sad. It's really hard to think about living without him. Those bulldog faces are hard to not love! Happy belated birthday to Georgia!


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