// Things I Love Thursday v.137

these "Poehler-oids!" ha ♥
this little elephant is having a good time! ♥
♥ ...just starin' at myself. ♥
this is SO cute! ♥
that tongue! ♥
♥ would you give this "blind date" for books a go? ♥
this is the heart of the Congo, shot using dead-stock infrared film! ♥
♥ this whole amanda bynes thing is really sad, but this tweet was gold. troll or in need of help?♥
this is a "virtual market" in japan! scan what you want + it'll be delivered to your home!  ♥
♥ love this photo of manhattan ♥
♥ an honorary master's degree was given to a service dog who sat thru every one of owner's classes ♥

// How about a "Juggalo OKCupid Tumblr" blog?! Oh yes, it exists. And it is magical!

// My favorite song by my favorite band just turned 10 years old. Here, have a listen!

// Restaurant allows unemployed patrons to work for a meal. I love this business plan so much.

// "Stop Rescuing African Children Through Corrupt Adoptions" This was a really interesting read.

// Ashley just posted an extended introduction on her blog and I loved reading it. She has such a cute space on the 'net!

// New bits and bobs over at The Northern Sea: this antiqued cicada ring (!!!), a chevron ring (love the layered look), and the leaf ring in gold (and silver, too!) Can you tell I'm totally into rings right now?! haha

// Carrie Anne always has the most interesting guest posters on her blog. The latest about Greenwashing is no exception! I feel like I always learn a lot when I pop by her place. (I love her Snapshots posts, too! Fantastic links)

// Wishlist Wears: I love the coloring of this mint chiffon dress (with pink and white!) // i love this peach dress so much! oh my stars // this black and white graphic dress // I NEED this horse belt! // tortoise sunglasses with a fun shape // this dress is the perfect mix of daphne + thelma from scooby doo i think! // i love these bright red sandals, and the $17 price tag // black bauble bib necklace // the perfect striped beach bag // lazy oaf "weirdo" tote // nautical bracelet with anchor!

// ROXY GOT MARRIED! Look at these darling preview photos!

// Karen was tagged in the "25 Questions" meme - I love stuff like this!

// Beluga bookends! How cute!

// Don't forget! We'll be with Honeybean at Porter Flea tomorrow night and all day Saturday! There are still a few preview market tickets available for the party on Friday night (21+). Then Saturday we'll be open 10am - 5pm! You guys HAVE to come see all of the new goodies we've made/procured! I'm so excited! Are any of you planning on dropping by?

What are you loving this week?


  1. The blind date with a book thing sounds BRILLIANT! I would absolutely do that. I'm super judge-y when it comes to covers, and I know it's bad.

    I'm going to read the story on the international adoptions soon. I have heard about adoption agencies convincing women to give up their babies for adoption because the demand is so high. It's a hard thing to discuss, but I'm glad to see people talking about it.

  2. The Blind Date with a Book is a bit like The Biblio-Mat at The Monkey's Paw here in Toronto.


    Watch the video!

  3. I'll try the blind date with a book. too bad we don't have that here. maybe someday though.


  4. Hi-larious! Love it all, haha. Especially "Da-Bynes"

  5. Love the book. Want the elephant. And I'm amazed at how many of the same things we've read this week! Great minds think alike!

  6. Oooh...that black puppy!!! :) Awesome links.

  7. Oh my gosh that Juggalo Tumblr, so funny!

  8. I would so try the blind date with a book! Sounds like fun! Also, those pictures from the Congo! So amazing! They remind me of some psychedelic 60's film. Oh and that bunny gif, makes me miss our bunnies. One of our cats LOVED our oldest bunny, he would chase her around the bathroom tapping her and being curious.

  9. That kid in the middle from the Congo pictures, his shirt does say "Lick That Shit" ....right?

  10. The shirt on that kid in the middle of the picture from Congo, does his shirt say "Lick that shit"? Haha.

  11. Oh my, the okcupid juggalo tumblr is seriously making me laugh so hard right now! We have a few in our town and I'm never going to look at them the same again!

  12. I love the idea of a book blind date. I would totally be up for that. I really hope more bookshops take on this idea!


  13. Thanks for the love!

    I'm loving the "blind date" book idea, and now I totally want a virtual market to shop at. When will North Carolina catch up with Japan??


  14. That master's degree dog pic just made my entire day! thank you:)

  15. I've loved that post about women & tattoos! it's pretty incredible! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  16. I love a lot of things in this post but specifically, those polaroids are wonderful. Oh, Amy Poehler. I love that even her facial expressions are in character.

    And that Spanish restaurant sounds awesome! There's a nonprofit Panera in my neighborhood called Panera Cares that does something similiar. It's pay what you want so they have the same menu but after you order, the cashier tells you the suggested price and you can pay more/less. If you can't pay anything at all, you're encouraged to work one hour (usually clearing tables, etc.) in exchange for a meal. It's awesome!

  17. That S. Korean virtual grocery store in the station has just blown my tiny, ever loving mind. IT IS THE VERY SOUL OF CONVENIENCE. I hope the future holds something like that for us stateside, JEEZ!

  18. Those "poehlr-oids" are amazing!

  19. The bunny's attempt is just the cutest thing ever! And Aaron loves the blind date book idea! Always love checking in on Thursday! :)

    Love from the NJ Shore!
    xo Jenny

  20. So cool! I did a Blind Books project a few months ago too! http://www.maryhassound.com/2013/03/blind-books.html

  21. ahhh loves those 'poehler-oids' Amy is the best!! and I love that the dog got a service degree, super sweet!

  22. okay, that bunny gif almost made me cry. great collection!

  23. Awww that bunny <3 But what is the real gold of this? That picture of the kids in the Congo, and the one kids shirt says "Lick That Shit". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I really want to do the blind date with books thing & I want to own those sunglasses :)

    xo Ashley

  24. OMG I WANT TO GO ON A BOOK BLIND DATE! also, that bunny is adorbbbbs!

    XO Sahra

  25. That juggalo okcupid site is hilarious! Insane Clown Posse is playing in my little down tonight, and it always draws in so many crazy juggalos. I don't like ICP, but it is so funny to watch the juggalos!

    Great links as always!

  26. Love all of these! Especially the bunny! And that market in Japan?! I like the idea but I'd probably scan so many things and then once it got to my house be like "Why did I buy this!?" Haha!

    <3 I hope you're having a great weekend!
    Sara @ tinysugarbee.blogspot.com

  27. do you know the ridiculous things i would give for that virtual store?! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    and those Poehler-oids are the best thing ever!

  28. So much cool stuff to talk about I don't know where to start, haha! That elephant, the bunny, the Japanese home delivery thing... aaaaahhhh. Awesome Things I Love Thursday!

  29. I'm still blushing from your praise.

    LOVE the blind date with a book! I would totally do that, though chances are high it would be just a one-night stand. ;)

    That convenience store is crazy cool.


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